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Friday, July 2, 2010

Decals: Tips n' Tricks

I used to get discouraged when trying to apply decals to space marine shoulder pads, because the decal would not firm up against the shoulder pad and would have a frosty edge. Once I discovered the product below, it solved both of these problems.
You apply the Micro Set before the decal goes on which helps adhere the decal, then apply the Mico Sol after the decal is applied which helps the decal grab on to the shape and detail of the area. It is very simple to use.

Hobby Tip #1: Did you know decals are reversible? 
Great for Terminator's or if you want to use a transfer on the right shoulder pad. 

Apply the Decal Set to the area in question. Once decal is movable slide it up a bit so you see the top for positioning.

Flip the paper over and position decal where you want it.

Carefully slide off onto the shoulder using the brush.

Dab off any excess liquid with a paper towel. Allow to set / soften for a bit, and you can carefully press out any wrinkles in the decal to  the shape of the shoulder pad.

Once happy with the placement above use the decal Sol to finalize and give the decal that painted on look. Allow to dry fully.

Note: Some multi colored decals are not exactly reversible such as Logan's Wolf against the Moon. when reversed the full moon is on top of the wolf head.

Hobby Tip #2: You can convert decals and make them your own. 

For my army of Harold Deathwolfs Company, there is no GW decal, and I didn't fancy Painting every Icon by hand, so I though I would modify the existing Logan Grimnar decal into a "version" of Harolds Wolf devouring the Sun.

Apply the logan Icon using Tip #1 above.

Once fully dry, I used yellow ink to color in the moon. The ink is translucent, so it does not interfere with the detail of the wolf.

Once the Ink is dry I start blocking off the sun by painting little triangles around the perimeter.

....Continuing until the sun is complete.

Harold Deathwolfs' Unit complete! Why are these Space Wolves Black? That is another story.

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