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Drop Pod Assault List

9:39:00 PM by Wolf Lord Noam ·

I send a warm welcome to my fellow brothers of the Fang. This is my first article for the Space Wolves blog. I am thrilled to share my favorite list to date, the heavy drop pod assault! To be honest, it is a bit of a hybrid monstrosity due to my play style and the overall tactics involved. The game plan consists of using the drop pods as the initial wave, to soften up my opponent. But the real damage comes from the thunderwolf charge led Wolf Lord Beowulf himself! So, I’ll go ahead and provide the list and then give my two ales worth of analysis on what has worked well, what has been meh, and what should not have made it past blood claw for the next ten years:


Wolf Lord Beowulf – 245

Thunderwolf mount, storm shield, runic armour, wolf claw, wolf tooth necklace, 2 fenrisian wolves.

Rune priest Agnar – 110

Chooser of the Slain, Living lightning and Jaws of the World Wolf.

Wolf priest Brethel – 130

Runic armour, Saga of the hunter.


Wolf guard – 210

5 man pack, combi-melta x3, powerfist, thunderhammer, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, TDA/CML.

Dreadnought Jotun – 165

Assault cannon, extra armor, heavy flamer, Drop Pod.

Wolf Scouts – 100

5 man pack, meltagun, mark of the wulfen.


Grey hunter pack – 185

8 man pack, meltagun, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, drop pod.

Grey hunter pack – 185

8 man pack, meltagun, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, drop pod.

Grey hunter pack – 160

10 man pack, 2 plasma guns.

Fast Attack:

Thunder wolf cavalry – 210

3 thunderwolf cavalry, storm shield, thunderhammer.

Heavy Support:

Long fang pack – 150

5 man pack, 4 missile launchers, drop pod.

Long fang pack – 150

5 man pack, 4 missile launchers, drop pod

List total: 2000 points.

First and foremost, Beowulf himself. As a long-time fan of the epic of Beowulf, I figured I’d translocate him into my crazy world of 40k. Armed with a wolf claw, he’s geared towards fighting infantry to heavy infantry, and does so quiet well. He’ll hit anything on a 3+, the option to reroll his to hit or to wound, and wounds MEQ on a 3+, 2+ for everything else. I run him with his group of thunderwolf brothers and blitz them up the field turn one. The advantage of this list configuration is that the drop pods slam down right in your opponent’s deployment zone and, depending on target priority, eliminate the biggest threat to either the drop podded units or the thunderwolfs. Due to points, I don’t give lord Beowulf warrior born, even though it would really shine with his load-out. Personally, I feel that the saga of the bear is not needed because I won’t be putting him against the few things that are S10 (psyker defense is Rune Priest Agnar’s job). Also, the wolf claw is the preferred weapon of choice but I would run him with a frost weapon from time to time, to help change things up. I never run him with a powerfist or thunderhammer, as it is a waste of his I5 attacks. Sadly, the bane to the thunderwolf is mass fire/poison. Of all the armies I face, Dark Eldar lists are the ones I struggle with the most.

Next up is the Agnar, my lightning caller. He travels with one of the grey hunter packs in a drop pod to get where he needs to. Agnar performs a duel role in his pack, first being high strength shooter/sniper with his powers. Second, psykic defense bubble; 24” range negation on 4+ is awesome and will cover most of the opposing deployment zone, as I found people don’t spread out their forces too much. His performance always is positive, with the occasional hate spike from the dice gods. I particularly find the close range JAWWS to be effective as it is an effective sniper shot to remove unwanted models such as the powerfist, MC, or special weapon wielder of “insert weapon here”. Plus, he provides extra force weapon attacks to the packs output when engaged in close combat.

Following Agnar is the stern Brethel. I love this guy! Wolf priests are very underrated for what they do: augment whoever they’re with. PE for the pack against a unit type of your choice, WS 5 power weapon attacks, and fearless are gold in my eyes. The best part about him is the saga of the hunter since the FAQ says that he gives stealth to the whole unit means that you can easily get a 3+ cover save just by how you place your guys around the drop pod. Normally, I have the melta and combi melta poking towards their target and then wrap the rest around behind the drop pod to give the majority cover save.

Moving down the line, the wolf guards are pretty much self-explanatory. I put the CML with the foot slogging grey hunter pack as they are my objective campers. I find that he tends to survive longer that way, rather than putting him with the long fangs. The free model is the Mark of the wulfen guy, who will go with whoever, depending on my mood. Two wulfen units in a 6 man scout pack is pretty devastating to whoever they charge when they come on the board, and goes well with the other packs if I so include.

My Dreadnought, Jotun, is my favorite unit of the list, to be honest. Dreads are just so much fun to play with. After so many games of playing Jotun, I find that the assault cannon does better at penetrating rear armour while having the ability to lower model count of enemy squads.

The scouts are pretty self-explanatory, along with the grey hunter packs. They come on, shoot something, and then charge. They are the meh of the list, as I’ve had them come on the opposite board edge where they were needed to support the drop pod assault wave. If I were to drop someone, they would be the first to go if it weren’t for the random times they redeem themselves with something worthy for the sagas of the Fang. The grey hunters are more of the firebase for up close engagement since I don’t need to get the charge off to be effective.
Lastly, the long fangs are my ranged fire support. Over the years I’ve played 40k, I found that if you are making your list to focus on close combat or more up close and personal, you have to have the ranged support to back it up. So, 8 missiles fulfill that role very nicely. The drop pods help them get in position when playing DoW and as fire lane blockers for normal deployment.
That’s the company in a nutshell! You’ll notice that everything has great synergy because I have a lot of high threat targets for my opponent to deal with, and will still perform amazingly well if one of them is eliminated from the board, which sums up my theology on list building, synergy over death stars. Everything can be considered a death star in its own right because it’s a threat until it’s gone from the board.

I’m always proud of the performance this list puts out and is effective at any army I come up against, it being able to adapt very well to what threats I have to deal with. I just wish I could find the points to put in Arjac into one of the drop pod grey hunter packs. My favorite unit of the codex and I don’t even run him, sad day….

As for the blood claw guys, those freaking melta guns! They do great for one turn, making something blow up in a blaze of glory, and then fail for the rest of the game! I always put wounds on them first now, because I know they’ll let me down in subsequent shooting phases. And we won’t even go into what happens when I decide to put a wound on the 2+ terminator CML. Yeah, full of epic failure. So epic, that I made a new model for him with a huge cut in his chest piece to show where he dies.


Wolf Guard, Wookiee Fubu.


FenWulf said...
February 18, 2012 at 10:23 PM

Nicely done Wookie! Allow me to introduce myself.. I am FenWulf newly appointed tacticle guru of this site. My inner tactician yerns to give a bit of criticism (not in a bad way) So please do not take my opinions as anything but.

I'll start in the same order as listed.

1st I like the layout of your lord i too run myine the same way with a litle tweeking I believe he will do better. I always see alot of ppl make the mistake of wasting points on 2 fen wolves to accompany this great leader I much rather take one.. reason being if you have 2 you reduce the units toughness done to toughness 4 because its the majority making your wolf lords t5 useless during the 1st round of combat or salvo. So because of this I only ever take one affectivly boosting the pups toughness to 5 now instaed of 4... follow me so far? so with the extra 10points id much rather add a talisman & melta bomb wich in the long run become more affective over all then 1 extra "wound"

Ok now i think I must hit on the Fangs befor I hit on the wolf priest... Longs Fangs are not ment to travel in drop pods.. & when they do you equipt them with Multy meltas not ML's. remember that they are not relentless so wont be able to shoot even in non DoW scenarios. So to fix this problem I suggest you place the Cyclone termie inthere with them so at least it can fire & also take a save when they get shot at next turn (& believe me they will get shot at) to increase the staying power I suggest you also add a WG battle leader INSTEAD of the Wolf Priest.. Why you ask.. Why Cost of corse. you may not get the combat potential that the WP grants but you get the Saga of THe Hunter ability & that combo now runs you a meer 80points now add combi. melta & yove added yet another melta to the fray & your still under cost of the Wolf Priest.. AHA THATS GEnius you must be saying by now.. I know I

Before I go I must say that Scouts are NOT for combat & dispite how potent it seems they are with 2 MoW models in it they dont fare will on the table agains other Marines that 4+ save doesnt cut it & is why @85 points with melta they are such a bargain ..Keep them as such.

Now I can go on & on but the rest ill leave to you.. Keep in mind my opionion is just that. Happy Hunting & thanks for the post.


Typhus said...
February 18, 2012 at 10:30 PM

HQ1: Rune Priest, jaws of the world wolf, murderous hurricane [100]
HQ2: Rune Priest, jaws of the world wolf, living lighting, chooser of the slain, [110]
Elite1: 6x Wolf Guard, 5xTerminator Armour&combi-melta&Chainfist, 1xCyclone Terminator transport1 [328]
Troops1:7x Grey Hunter, meltagun, wolf standar, transport2 [120]
Troops2:7x Grey Hunter, meltagun, wolf standar, transport3 [120]
Troops3:8x Grey Hunter, meltagun, wolf standar, transport4 [135]
Troops4:8x Grey Hunter, meltagun, wolf standar, transport5 [135]
Troops5:8x Grey Hunter, meltagun, wolf standar, transport5 [135]
Troops6:5x Grey Hunter, Flamer, transport6 [75]
Heavy support 1:6x Long Fang, 5x missile launcher, transport7 [140]
Heavy support 2:6x Long Fang, 5x missile launcher, transport8 [140]
Heavy support 3:6x Long Fang, 5x missile launcher, transport9 [140]
Transport1: Drop pod [35]
Transport2: Drop pod [35]
Transport3: Drop pod [35]
Transport4: Drop pod [35]
Transport5: Drop pod [35]
Transport6: Drop pod [35]
Transport7: Drop pod [35]
Transport8: Drop pod [35]
Transport9: Drop pod [35]

78 Models/1993pts./20KP

I've played this list on one tournament in Poland. I've finished second, so I was particularly pleased bout my playing.

This list is real death for most mech list - you have nearly 50 models in your face in first turn, and this pesky 17 missile Launchers shooting you from behind.

It was really nice to see the angry grim on your opponent's face, when you have killed nearly 3 quarters of his beautifully painted army in two turns, without taking much loses in models.

We used it on PTC, and it gone pretty well as, a IG killer - you should give it a try.

Yes I have all this models ;).

Anonymous said...
February 18, 2012 at 11:34 PM

I like the idea of a drop pod wolf army but I don't see how using Long Fangs in a drop pod best utilizes their strengths, unless you attach Logan to them or something.

Anonymous said...
February 19, 2012 at 12:35 AM

I to run a pack of Long Fangs in drop pod, but they rarely use it. They are often placed on foot in my deployment zone with some good fire lanes.

The reason why you take DP on Long Fangs is to make sure that you get the other DP in on the first round. 5 DP means 3 will arrive on turn 1.

bruenor said...
February 19, 2012 at 3:37 AM

Just out of curiosity, what's that model you're proxying for a thunderwolf? Aside from no tail (and hooves?), it looks pretty frakin' nice (in a "I'll run you over, crush you, THEN eat you" sort of way)

Wookiee fubu said...
February 19, 2012 at 5:27 AM

I converted it from the ogryn morcat models. Also, yes the long fangs dont normally ride in the drop pods, thier just to get the other 3 on.

John said...
February 19, 2012 at 10:26 PM

What paints did you use for that wolf claw, I've been looking for a scheme for frostblades and that would be perfect.

Anonymous said...
February 19, 2012 at 11:36 PM

I'm an IG player, and I played against a list similar to this. It didn't work out for him to well. Maybe it's me but how do you plan on taking on an opponent when the rules for reserves limits you so bad? You can't form squadrons with drop pods so its chance luck when they come in. So in first turn, your non drop pod army is facing down 2k worth of troops and tanks. And against an ig player like myself that's a pretty tall order. I usually field 60-100 troops, a half dozen laz cannon and autocannon heavy troop emplacements, then enough heavy metal to kill anything.

So with a dozen tanks from Executioners to Medusa's, Bane wolves, Vendettas, plasma troops, and the heavy emplacements, how do you keep from being wiped out so fast? I had a guy try an all drop pod army and It was over in 30 minutes. he might stun or kill 1 tank a turn or a hand full of troops, but with str 10 ap 1, 2d6 armor pen death, and heavy 5 str 7 ap 2 small blast plasma tanks sitting around, it was almost boring. So what 2 or 3 pods land this turn. 6-700 points worth of troops against the full weight of my 2k army didn't last long. Just wondering since you honestly have luck of the dice to bring in your stuff. if you get bad rolls and it comes in sparsely its not such a good list. I think its a cool list, and would work on others, but I see the fault in it as an IG player. If it works for you that's great. Just hope to bring some light to one of the bigger flaws in the list.

dewi sant said...
February 20, 2012 at 4:14 AM

Nice first article Wookie, I look forward to reading more. FenWulf is right drop one of those Fen wolves ASAP. No point wasting that T5.

@Typhus: I'm sorry, but that list you posted screams SPAM!

Marshal Wilhelm said...
February 20, 2012 at 4:52 AM

dewi sant;

I'm not getting your spam comment?

Does Typhus need to change unit composition and then you'd enjoy playing against him more?
I've never quite understood that line of reasoning....


Anonymous said...
February 20, 2012 at 8:27 AM


I'm sorry but do you even understand how drop pods work? The marine player gets half of his pods (rounding up) in the first turn without having to roll for reserves.

In this list he has 5 Pods therefore would get 3 in 1st turn, he can deploy his 2 packs of long fangs on the board and uses their 2 pods in reserve to force the remaining Grey hunters and Dreadnought to come in 1st.

The only things that won't be on table by the end of his turn 1 will be the small wolf scouts pack and 2 empty drop pods - if he goes first he has the ability to alpha strike your tanks with 10 ML shots, Living lightning from the Rune Priest, 4 melta shots and an Assault cannon. You then need to decide what to deal with and by his turn 2 those thunderwolves will be in your face.

It annoys me when people without a basic grasp of an armies capabilities try to tear a list apart and basically go 'my list will beat your list so there'

Anonymous said...
February 20, 2012 at 8:28 AM

I understand everyone's opinion and how things work for each wolf, however we must all understand some simple facts, and think about the general uses & idea behind some choices before starting to say I play it that way its better, no, dont put long fangs in drop pods, etc.

Fact 1 . when you have a core of 4 strong units you want to drop in round one, you need 7-8 drop pods in your list. Thus you are equipping your long fang packs with drop pods just for that. You dont actually plan on using them.

Fact 2. See the idea and the facts before posting anything that comes down in your head. The wolf lord is taking two Fenr. Wolves and then joins the other thunderwolves. The major tgh will be 5 because of the 4 thunderwolves/ 2 fenr wolves. Further more, the lord will still be an individual in close combat and will be treated as a toughness 5 model. ( check the latest FAQ)

Fact 3. Read the list and try to understand how it works. If you cant, just ask, but dont start saying " baahhh this list is not good because if you screw your dice you will fail- meeehhh that strategy is not good because I beat it in the last tournament- duhh I dont like your list because you spam etc.

Most importantly, Thanks Noam for the nice ideas on how to build our own drop pod list. Personally I like yours very much regardless if it a tournament list or not, and will most certainly try it. I see nothing bad on it.

Anestis. ;)

Typhus said...
February 20, 2012 at 5:44 PM

I know that mine list is so Copy Paste, but nearly all competitive lists on tournaments look like this.

It's obvious that some people will take other units, but I'm always using what's best in the codex, and maximalize the effectivness/cost :P .

Maybe at one list it looks boring, but I've played so much tournaments in Poland using some weird SW lists like 3 LRR with Ragnar, Logan and Arjac.

For me Wolves have the widest choice of effective units in Codex, but some of them are better, and more often used than others ;) . So even our bloggers lists if you look closer, are partially copy paste because LF, Speeders and GH, are great choices. So I won't argue with you bout the as you described "SPAM" of this list, because it's obvious :P . We're not fluffy players, when I look at what Adam and the others write, so as a PGamers we use whats best :P .

cheers ;) .

Daywalker said...
February 20, 2012 at 8:02 PM

I cant wait to see how this list does. Please keep us updated on it. Thanks for sharing the list and inspiring all to bring forth the claws of russ!!!

dewi sant said...
February 20, 2012 at 11:40 PM

@ Marshal Wilhelm

"I'm not getting your spam comment?"

Whats not to get? Do you not know what spamming units is?

I would enjoy playing against him more if he were to not just take maxed lists, the SW codex is so flexible it's just a shame when people don't try new things.

I understand some want to win at all costs.

I've never quite understood that line of reasoning....

Anonymous said...
February 21, 2012 at 1:59 AM

Personally I hate lists like that. It's far more fun to be creative and try out new things than just run such a basic list. Plus, I've always felt that rune priests don't really epitomize the nature/fluff of the Space Wolves.

FenWulf said...
February 21, 2012 at 7:04 AM

Just Replying on the 3rd Anon's "fact" #2- It is actually not a fact & just an assumption that he will be in the unit of TWC. (Granted it does seem as the most logical thought but it all depends on the play style of the list builder).

Also you are slightly incorrect about the Lord in combat, As it is true that he is treated as an individual he is infact a unit wich consists of him & his wargear of wich are A) Thunder Wolf & B)Fen Wolves so it is a Fact that if he has more than 1 Fen Wolf while in combat the attacks against him will resolve on a toughness of 4 not 5.

Just my $0.02

Adamant Finn said...
February 21, 2012 at 8:04 PM

What paint mixtures did you use for your drop pod? I love that deep red and the grey!!

Marshal Wilhelm said...
February 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Dewi Sant:

That Bob has to play the way Jim wants, or else Jim complains SPAM! etc.
'Play my way, or you're doin' it wrong!'

There is a difference between choosing not to play a certain way, and calling people out for not following your point of view.

That is why I said "I've never quite understood that line of reasoning"

You're free to do as you want. Poking holes in the way others want to play seems worse than some frustration at a style of play. At least to me. Many dudes are happy to pull down the way other guys play with their toy soldiers.



I don't know how flexible C:SW is.
Grey Hunters > Blood Claws.
Missile Fangs > the rest of SUPPORT.
Rune Priest is such great value for money.
Rhinos > Foot.

And so you end up with a fairly similar looking list from many Wolf players. Sure dudes can change it up a little. But like Tim said elsewhere, it is at the expense of the sensible choices. I think C:SW gives the illusion of flexibility, but really the powa! levels between choices really railroads people into a few small choices.

Imo and on reflection, C:SW is a strong Codex. Not a good one.


Oh well.

Rhino said...
February 21, 2012 at 11:38 PM

Drop Pod Assault Lists are fun and all but with coming of the Grey Knights they are now pretty much useless. What do you do when the Grey Knights have the first turn? You have no Rune Priest on the board and their Strike Squad says you mishap automatically if you land anywhere near me.

Also I have to agree completley with the IG player that there is no way you could deal with a Gun Line army. There going to castle and when you come in close you play there game. They have so much freaking melta and plasma they will chew you apart. The big thing with Space Wolves is being able to blow up tanks and then assault whats in the tank. Any army that is mobile is going to give this list a problem.

Now tourney lists aside and just for fun. Just a thought. Instead of using Thunder Wolfs what about using Bikes. Your Wolfs can only move 6 inchs and run. You can not count on them to be there assaulting your enemy on Turn 2. But if you take some Bikes and Turbo Boost them. They are ready to fight on Turn 2. Stick your Wolf Priest on a Bike and now you got a unit with some re-rolls that you can count on to live and do some fighting! Bikes always benfit the most from Drop Pod lists.

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