Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 UK 40K GT Space Wolves VS Blood Angels

Game 5: Capture & Control, Spearhead
Opponent: Peter, Blood Angels

After crushing Tim's Tyranids, I was sent rocketing up the tables and finding myself drawn against the kind of Blood Angels army Brad had once warned me about.

I've never played competitive Blood Angels before, so this would be interesting. But if Brad had told me one thing, it was to kill any Furioso Dreadnoughts before they got into close combat with you.

As for Mephiston, I had a whole squad waving combi-weapons just for him!

Here's what Peter had brought to play with:

Assault Terminators in a Land Raider Redeemer with extra armour
10 Assault Marines with power fist and 2 melta guns
5 Assault Marines with melta gun
5 Assault Marines with melta gun
Storm Raven
Furioso Dreadnought with extra armour

The Game
The 5 objectives were scattered about fairly liberally, then we rolled to see who goes first.

Peter won the roll and deployed his Land Raider and Storm Raven as far forward as possible to surge forward on the first turn.

Mephiston was in the Storm Raven with the Furioso hitching a ride. Meanwhile the assault terminators led by the Librarian and Corbulo were in the Land Raider Redeemer. The rest of his army was in reserve and would come on using Descent Of Angels.

Fortunately none of his units had been effected by Blood Rage. But either way, the assault terminators, Land Raider Redeemer, Mephiston and Furioso Dreadnought were going to slam into my lines very quickly. I might have had just 1 turn, maybe 2 turns if I was really lucky to pour everything I had into them before I took horrendous casualties.

Splitting my forces wasn't an option due to the Spearhead deployment, or I'd have hit his armoured units from the flanks.

Instead I spread everything out in my quarter, just out of range for a first turn charge.

Wolf Guard Land Raider in the middle, flanked by Grey Hunter Rhinos. Long Fangs and Razorbacks behind. Land Speeders ready to hit the Land Raider (or Furioso) with multimeltas.

I rolled to seize the initiative. Failed.

The Storm Raven zoomed forward. The Land Raider sped forward and fired its smoke launchers.

"Bring it."

Turn 1
The Space Wolves army backed up and opened fire with everything at the Storm Raven.

It exploded spectacularly while the rest of the Space Wolves fired at the Furioso, blowing one of its arms off.

Turn 2
Mephiston flew over the wall of Space Wolves vehicles and into close combat with the nearest pack of Long Fangs. Fine by me! lol.

The Furioso made slow progress through difficult terrain, unable to charge any of the Grey Hunter Rhinos.

The Land Raider Redeemer continued its advance.

Meanwhile Blood Angels Assault squads landed on the far side of the board, running to claim many of the objectives.

The Space Wolves form a wall of Rhinos in front of the Land Raider Redeemer and fire all their melta guns and combi meltas at the Land Raider and Furioso.

The Land Raider Redeemer loses its multi melta. Meanwhile the Furioso is unharmed. But thankfully the Long Fangs destroy it with their kark missiles.

Finally, the Razorbacks and Land Raider immobilise the Redeemer with their lascannons. Can nothing kill this thing?

Mephiston kills the remaining Long Fangs from the first pack and consolidates towards the Long Fangs in the rocks.

Turn 3
With their transport immobilised, the Blood Angels Terminators and Librarian disembark from their transport and charge the Space Wolves Rhino wall with little effect. Corbulo stays inside the Land Raider Redeemer.

Mephiston butchers the Long Fangs and consolidates towards the Space Wolves Rhino wall.

Now was the time to layeth the smacketh down.

All the Grey Hunters disembarked.
All of them used their Wolf Standard.
All of them opened fire.
All of them charged the Blood Angels Assault Terminators.

But not before the Rune Priest cast Jaws Of The World Wolf, catching 4 of the squad. Every terminator passed the Initiative test, apart from the Blood Angels Librarian who plunged screaming into the depths of the world itself. Heh heh.

The Space Wolves crashed into the Terminators. Two Grey Hunters were cut down by lightning claws before the Blood Angels were swept away in a torrent of dice.

I've NEVER seen so many dice lined up for armour saves in my entire life. Peter didn't even get on to the invulnerable saves before the unit was wiped out.

Meanwhile the Land Raider drove towards Mephiston, the Wolf Guard Terminators got out and fired their combi-weapons....missing spectacularly.

With nothing left to lose, they charged into close combat. Mephiston was down to 2 wounds. Maybe, just maybe they wouldn't get wiped out and could take him down? Mephiston killed 3 of them before the Chainfist tore him apart in gorey chunks. It was certainly satisfying.

Turn 4-6
And now things started to go horribly wrong for the Space Wolves.

After butchering the Blood Angels terminators, I rolled very low for the Grey Hunters sweeping advance and they felt the full fury of 2 Flame Storm Cannons from the immobilised Land Raider Redeemer.

Suddenly half of my Grey Hunters were gone.

I spent a turn trying to take down the Redeemer with melta guns, lascannons, everything I had left. But nothing could stop it as it torched more and more of my Grey Hunters.

In the end my squads scattered, running for the objectives.
The game ended with 2 objectives in my possession, 2 in Peter's and 1 contested.

Due to the deployment and my opponent getting the first turn, there wasn't a great deal I could do in this game except hang back and play for the draw.

Due to Corbulo sitting in a Land Raider Redeemer which simply would not die while giving all within 6" Feel No Pain, I couldn't turn the game into one massive ruck. Certainly not with Mephiston and a Furioso Dreadnought running about.

If I'd had the whole board edge to play with, then this would have been a very different game. Unfortunately putting stuff into reserve wasn't going to help me here either. I needed everything on the board to take out his hard hitting units as quickly as possible.

I was a bit silly trying to take out the Land Raider Redeemer with close range melta guns, but I could hardly ignore it. Finally, when it was immobilised, it took a heavy toll on my Grey Hunters with its Flamestorm Cannons.

Could I have played better?
In hindsight, I shouldn't have stuck a Land Speeder out on the right flank. It ended up fighting with 5 Assault Marines and losing when they finally hit it with their melta gun. That lost me a multi melta which could have been used to deal with the Land Raider Redeemer.

Considering how much Peter complained about me blasting his Storm Raven out of the sky, soon followed by the Furioso Dreadnought and then Mephiston, the Land Raider Redeemer more than made up for it. It simply wouldn't die!

That said, going back and doing the mathammer, with so many melta blasts and lascannon shots, there would have been something seriously wrong if the Furioso and Storm Raven hadn't gone up in smoke.

As for Mephiston. The Wolf Guard Terminators should have gunned him down with their combi-weapons, but my rolls were pretty terrible. So they had to dangerously resort to taking him apart in close combat. It was only the chainfist that finally killed Mephiston.

But all the same, the game went to plan in the best way I could make it. I played for the Draw, because the odds were stacked against me from the start. I simply made the best of a bad situation. And sometimes that's all you can do.


Anonymous said...
April 25, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Way to go! That mustive been a tough fight, but all in a days work for Space Wolves. Further proof that we are the best!

HOTpanda said...
April 25, 2011 at 8:50 PM

I think you sold yourself short by playing for the draw. With your opponent having so few unit and a strong desire for close combat with half his units your landspeeders offered you an avenue to victory. Yes they are can pop a landraider but they also perform extremely well at contesting objectives. Their ability to turbo boost and deepstrike make them the perfect candidate for contesting especially when you have the last turn of the game.

imij0607 said...
April 25, 2011 at 9:38 PM

would dropping the land raider and terminators for other units been the way to go. seems to me that the land raider and terminators are wicked expensive. would a couple more speeders have helped or more long fangs instead...dunno...

rookie player here, and i now read these boards all the time. my friends like the land raider for it's resiliancy - and obviously it proved itself in this round, but would more meltas on other units been a better choice? maybe even a few RAZ with TL las cannons over the land raider??

i like a lot of the strategies used here on these boards - myself i'm trying to build a more light / mobile wolf army vs something that has the mother of all in it...


Marshal Wilhelm said...
April 26, 2011 at 1:35 AM

Live and learn, eh?

Speeders don't do well against infantry. They do well against infantry in concert with another squad.
Speeder meltas transport -> Greys RF or volley and charge former passengers
Greys melta transport -> Speeder HFs former passengers
Greys tank shock! squad -> Speeder HFs
Squad breaks but >50% -> Speeder stays within 6" and escorts them from the table or until you reduce them to <50%

Then on T4+ you position the Speeder to contest an Objective.

Setting up Speeders wide, unless you have terrain to sneak through, hasn't worked for me. Especially against a foe that wants to rush you. Not counting Typhoons, of course.

Ravens and Dreads are not that tough, and with decent firepower, you WILL end them. Your foe was hopeful about them more than anything else, imo.

bs4 Las Cannons only have a 3.7% chance of destroy AV14....

I think you were a bit unlucky to be within the 8" of the flamer cannons.

Imo, the only thing you 'did wrong' was the Speeder. Sometimes, games just don't work out well. But if you haven't faced that list before, I think a draw is a reasonable result :)


A bit of Tau sneakiness for you:
You can move-block a LR or Battle Wagon with skimmers. You move flat-out into its face, 1" away. Because he has to move first, he has to go around it before he can shoot it. Or he can ram it. But he will only be getting an s4 hit, so its not likely gonna happen. And skimmers get a 3+ save against being rammed and if they pass, the rammer stops dead in its tracks ^^,

You get a 4+ save against shooting, and so might live through his shooting phase. If you do, and can shoot, you are now within MELTA range....

Either way, he has lost practically a turns worth of movement due to a 70 pt skimmer. His 500+ pt unit has been idle for a whole turn. So remember to deploy a bit more than 24" away, so that the soonest he can assault is on T3 :)

imij0607 said...
April 26, 2011 at 2:27 AM

that is a good tactic - haven't tried it due to rookie status, but could you do roughly the same thing with a rhino as well?

rush it and pop smoke to get your cover save from shooting. at that point would the raider have a longer distance to move around the rhino due to the rhino being a bit bigger than a speeder?

Spaguatyrine said...
April 26, 2011 at 3:48 AM

I am supprised you don't have more combat units in your army.

Mephison is not that hard to kill with the amount of melta you have. The longfangs did their job with the dread and Raven. Since it was an objective game, getting out of the rhino's to go after the terminators was what cost you the win. Terminators are slow. Your mobility can easily move away from them to get to objectives.

Wolf scouts often beat down 5 man assault squads hiding on objectives as well.

Kelly said...
April 26, 2011 at 5:30 AM

I agree with Wilhelm with the speeder tactics. If you had slowed his land raider he would either have to slow his Stormraven too, or risk sending it in unsupported which is a win-win for you. If it slows down you get to pop it on the other side of the table forcing mephiston & the Dread to walk. If they try to fight you unsupported you can now get to use 80% of your army to kill those 2 units. (And Mephiston loses A LOT of steam with a rune priest within 24" of him)

@imij0607: No rhinos do not work for this because they are too slow. By the time your rhino can actually block the land raider it is across the table and delivered its cargo. Fast Skimmers can fly out 24" and block the land raiders movement on turn 1 AND get a cover save when they do it. Plus they are more survivable to ram attacks due to the skimmer dodge ability.

Aside from what Wilhelm mentioned, BA assault terminators aren't that scary if you stop their Land Raider and hit them with murderous hurricane. That spell lets us use our best ability against them, counterattack. The spell lets you rapid fire them, and IF they make it to you, they'll have to take two sets of dangerous terrain tests (Which failed tests ignore FNP), then swing at Initiative 1 in assault meaning you get to thin out the lightning claws before they get to swing.

Anonymous said...
April 26, 2011 at 8:41 AM

I think you got to fixated on the land raider. once the land raider was immobilized, you could of just ignored it,

Marshal Wilhelm said...
April 26, 2011 at 9:38 AM

imij0607: Kelly has said it all ^^,

Now you can use Rhinos for that role later in the game, and to move-block Monsters and Nid hordes. They become moving walls, that if you move fast enough, are very hard for the foe to get around. Hopefully you are destroying another part of his force in the meanwhile ;)

Spaguatyrine: Not everyone wants choppy Wolves :D
I am not sure Scouts are a great choice against Assault Marines though. They might win some, but don't have a big advantage over them....

I do agree on the dealing with the Termies though _if the unit wasn't close to Objectives_ the Rhinos could have just rolled away from the Termies, either 6" to bait them into charging, whilst firing from the hatches, or 12" to make that almost impossible and forcing them to stumble around doing not much. But even if they were on the Objective,, just shoot them dead from >12" away :)
Good call -> blood got into his nostrils :P

Albert said...
April 26, 2011 at 6:41 PM

A bit off-topic perhaps but, is that Storm Raven made out of Land Raider bits? looks more like a small Thunderhawk!

Prot said...
April 26, 2011 at 8:51 PM

I'm just glad you roasted Mephiston. The Allfather knows how many times my Rune Priests have flashed against him, and he's routed my lines. ;)

I'm not sure if speeder blocking would do much on a fairly open table? I mean you want to shoot the speeders right? IDK, I tend to rhino block if I can...

I have had the BA Termies with FNP become a great nuisance. I think you did the right thing targeting them for wholesale annihilation rather than dumping them into Mephy.

Chapter Master Ignus Domus of the Iron Flames said...
April 26, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Yep, I'd say it's one of the infinitely better looking 'Flying Land Raider' conversions, with Valkyrie wings.

imij0607 said...
April 27, 2011 at 1:48 AM

Yes - the stormraven is basically a small thunderhawk. If i'm not mistaken the storm raven is a pre-heresy pattern from the adepts of mars. I've read a lot of the heresy novels and if i'm not mistaken that is the transport of choice for many of the chapters.

Spaguatyrine said...
April 27, 2011 at 3:02 AM


I guess I do have my scouts with a wolfguard and powerfist which makes them able to beat any 5 man group normally.

Your right, the Wolf got caught with bloodlust. :(

Marshal Wilhelm said...
April 29, 2011 at 1:08 PM


The StormBIRD is from the Heresy. It is bigger than the Thunderhawk, which are described as more nimble. In Prospero Burns, the Stormbird is described as a more lovingly crafted vehicle.

The Storm Raven is smaller than the Thunderhawk.

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