Friday, July 30, 2010

Tyranids VS Space Wolves -Botch 4 of 6

This Space Wolves VS Tyranids game was a disaster on my part.

My inexperience with the new Tyranid army really shone through and in hindsight my deployment could have been so much better, as well as my overall strategy.

Although it didn't help my opponent passed every cover save under the sun. But that's the way it goes when your opponent's lucky.

I was playing against a polite young chap called Rob in the old 4th edition Cleanse game. So that's a table quarter set up and you fight to claim or contest table quarters at the end of the game.

1500 points of Space Wolves

Rune Priest
Jaws of the World Wolf & Murderous Hurricane

(X3) Grey Hunter Pack:
Wolf Guard with Combi Melta and Powerfist
8 Grey Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Standard and Mark of Wulfen
Rhino APC transport

Grey Hunter Pack:
5 Grey Hunters, Meltagun and Mark of Wulfen
Razorback APC transport

(X2) Land Speeders:
Multimelta and Heavy Flamer

(X2) Long Fangs Pack:
1 sergeant, 5 Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
Razorback APC with twin linked lascannon

1500 points of Tyranids

Hive Tyrant
dual twin linked devourers, brain leeches, old adversary
3 Tyrant Guard with boneswords
Warrior Prime with lashwhip and bonesword

(X2) Tervigon
(X2) 3 Hive Guard
(X2) 10 Termagaunts
(X2) Zonathropes

He won the roll off and set up first behind a large, square building. I set up opposite with my Long Fangs at the back, Razorbacks on the flanks and Grey Hunters in the centre. Then I rolled to Seize The Initiative and won it.

I shot, advanced, popped smoke on my tanks and did a bit of damage to his Tyrant Council.

He blew up all my Rhinos.

I advanced again, cast Jaws of the World Wolf and lots of stuff fell down a hole.
My Grey Hunters were all right up in his face, wiped out his gaunt screen in close combat and pretty much said "yeah, come get me!"

Unfortunately none of my long ranged firepower did any damage to his Tyrant Council this turn. lascannons, missile launchers, mulitmeltas and even the kitchen sink did nothing as he passed every single cover save. Horrifying!

He charged his Tyrant Council into my Grey Hunters. They died. He drowned the rest in a horde of shots from freshly spawned Termagaunts that had emerged from the Tervigons.

I continued firing all my heavy weapons. He continued to pass all his cover saves.

I conceeded after all my Grey Hunters and Rune Priest died by Turn 3. There wasn't anything more I could do, except keep firing with little effect and die a quick, painful death.

I need to read the Tyranid Codex cover to cover and play some games against them. They've got a lot of special rules!

My set up wasn't bad. But what I should have done was huddle all my Grey Hunters in the rocks at the front of my fire base and let him come to me. Would the extra shots have made the difference? Well, it could have removed his screen of Termagaunts, but with all my missile launchers and lascannons firing through terrain, he would still be getting his cover saves.

Perhaps all 3 Grey Hunter squads counter charging his Tyrant Council could have dragged them down screaming had he charged them into difficult terrain?

The only other option is to play things "Tau Style" with my firebase in one corner while everything else goes into reserve and attacks from the other flank.

Due to the slower nature of his army, this would have been a much more sensible ploy. That way wherever he goes, he get shot from all angles. it also makes Jaws of the World Wolf far more devastating if it's hitting him from the flank.

I scored 1 point for a Loss.

Ah well, at least I'll know for next time. Rob was a very courteous player, although it was extremely satifying when his Warrior Prime fell down a hole from Jaws of the World Wolf.

Speaking of which, stay tuned for my next battle report against the Death Guard, when lots of things fall down holes!


darrrrren said...
July 30, 2010 at 5:14 PM

minus points for conceding early just chalking it up to the opponent making cover saves. it's okay if you made some tactical mistakes... just call them as such. you should have kited his army a bit more and taken better advantage of your shooting. the goal wasnt to charge the nids... the goal was to take table quarters.

Venerable said...
July 30, 2010 at 5:21 PM

Unlucky dude.
The lack of frag grenades across the whole codex (bar Carnifex Frag spines)is a real hole in the 'Nid 'dex, abuse it FTW!

Somedays those cover saves just wont fail a player! I am in love with good cover saves with my Loganwing.

Your mobility and longer range firepower advantage should perhaps have been capitalised on...

He only had 4 mid-ranged shooting units, admittedly you GH need to get close to do thier thing, but you could have held back and neutered the Hive Guard.
Then your Priest can counter his Zoanthropes (who'd die anyway to rapid fire bolter fire from one pack of Hunters probably, maybe two).

I normally prefer LL and MH on priests, but have switched out to Jaws and LL recently PURELY for Tyranid MC's.

It is a situational power, but damn, when it works...

Knowing the capabilites of all the codices is so, so important. No surprises that way man!

Enjoying these reports Adam, thanks. The experiences of others really help hone your game!


Anonymous said...
July 30, 2010 at 5:48 PM

He took out all your rhinos turn 1? With what?

Adam said...
July 30, 2010 at 5:51 PM

I did call the tactical failures on my part. But damn, that was a lot of cover saves he passed!

Can't win 'em all. I'll know what to do next time. It didn't help that I wasn't familiar with the current Nid army. Definitely need to play more games against them.

The important thing is, had my tactics been better, I could have won this.

Adam said...
July 30, 2010 at 5:52 PM

He took out all your rhinos turn 1? With what?

Hive Guard and Zoanthropes.

Neil Kerr aka Skcuzzlebumm said...
July 30, 2010 at 9:21 PM

That's what you get for calling James Rob ;)

Anonymous said...
July 30, 2010 at 9:46 PM

Sad it was a short game. Unfortunately luck plays a huge role sometimes. I'd liked to have seen how you'd have played against nids had both sides been equal and you knew his codex. Have to admit, the funniest line to me was "He blew up all my rhinos" when the line was all by itself. He was definately counting on a mech list.

Xander said...
July 30, 2010 at 9:59 PM

Your opponent was one lucky BUG-ger mate! My problem with Nids' are always the 18" synapse of those Tervigons... more bugs anyone?

Anonymous said...
July 30, 2010 at 10:02 PM

The biggest advantage of nids is the lack of them around to practise against. If it was james as opposed to a rob then he is a good player with nids so dont feel bad.

At least you learnt a few valuable lessons about what they can do and how you can counter them. So next time you will be better prepared. I myself have fallen prey to some special rules that i was unaware of.

Target Priority is something that can be very confusing vs nids so learn the order.

Looking forward to the next bat rep in a weeks time... lol. Dont keep us waiting like this lol!


Steven Morrow said...
July 31, 2010 at 1:17 AM

My advice is take your time with tyranids and pick them apart from range. If you jump right into the middle of them then you will get hurt. My friend plays them and uses venomthropes to give solid buffs to a hard core. I take my time and peel the support away and they are not that bad. I push forward to quickly and get overwhelmed. hive guard are good but only have 24 inch range. zoanthropes are good but lance only has 18. longfangs are huge key to winning. Jaws is deadly against most tyranid monsterous creatures.

Marshal Wilhelm said...
July 31, 2010 at 3:23 AM

I think SW are the perfect Marines for "I'll do whatever you are weak at"

They aren't the best Marines at anything, besides Cavalry (TWC and Fen Wolves)
But they are near as runners-up in everything.
SW don't have to dominate someone like BT do ~ BT have to duff you over in mêlée. SW don't.
UM have to duff you over with shooting. SW don't.
They are the classic "chop the shooty & shot the choppy" Marines.

The Zoanthrope's Lance is 18". Your 10 MLs and 2 tl LCs > than the Zoans.
The Impaler Cannon on the Hive Guard is 24" s8 - take them out next!

Just one of those games where you made some mistakes due to lack of familiarity and the dice didn't let you off.
These things come around sometimes ~ lol

Adam said...
July 31, 2010 at 7:25 AM

Thanks for all the feedback guys.
Sorry to keep you waiting for the batreps.

The blog will be back on top and stronger than ever starting September.

Anonymous said...
July 31, 2010 at 3:11 PM

I'm with venerable, it's all about getting charged with 'nids. Just hole up your grey hunters in cover, and watch as the lack of decent armor and frag grenades has his bugs fall to pieces as the wolves counterattack. It's only failed me once, and that was due to pre-FAQ DoM getting 14 wolves in one turn and 8 the second, but sometimes the dice gods just hate you.

MJayC50 said...
July 31, 2010 at 11:24 PM

Yea, Standard Demon tactics get used with nids for me. With semi aggressive rune priests dropping out into cover to get all 'cracky' TWC vs nids stay back and guard against tho bad boys coming out of the ground. Rockets are wicked vs nids. Got to get rid of the impaler cannons. zoeys are a pain but they die pretty easily. Rune priests get a chance to cancel it.

Gareth said...
August 1, 2010 at 10:46 AM

My friend plays Nids and I've found that the best way to deal with them is gun line and target priority. Shoot everything you can at one target and then move onto the next. Although saying that if the dice aren't with you, nothing can save you.

Anonymous said...
August 10, 2010 at 3:09 AM

I'd recommend making the tervigons an early priority. They are key targets for jaws (failing on a 3+). Brood progenitor can wipe out a significant portion of his gaunts if he's placed them close enough to benefit from poison/FC. Ideally you want to shoot his big guns with your longfangs and speeders (if he makes all the saves there's not much you can do, but he shouldn't be getting all too many cover saves as his guys are huge (or should be)).

After that move your meltas to what's closest, he's lost eternal warrior, so ID either the primes or the throapes or the hive tyrant.

Do not try to engage his monstrous creatures in combat. He's basically going to use gaunts as a screen and sacrificial units in combat to position your units so they can be charged by his monstrous creatures. If you can't deal with every squad try to use sacrificial units to redirect his hive tyrant unit away from the rest of your army, that unit doesn't have fleet.

Basically stay back, let him come to you. Mawlocks will rip your army apart, if you're fortunate enough to play someone who deep strikes a Trygon (instead of using fleet to move it with the rest of the army) deal with it immediately.

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