Thursday, June 25, 2015

We Are Moving (Again)

Sometimes life doesn't work out the way you expect it to.

In this instance, the relationship with my finacee broke down since moving to Aylesbury for various reasons. But thankfully, we're still speaking and things are good between us. But unfortunately, things just haven't worked out.

So I'm taking a break from the Space Wolves Blog while I'm in the process of selling our house, moving stuff out and finding somewhere else to live.

However, I will be staying in Aylesbury!

Since moving here, I've made and amazing amount of friends, with Luton, Northampton and Milton Keynes gaming clubs just a short drive away. Not to mention a bunch of guys from Hemel Hempstead who like to meet up and play massive Apocalypse games every couple of months.

Everything is going great with my job, so I have some financial stability for once in my life. And what with everything going on, my boss has been incredibly understanding.

So not to worry Space Wolves fans, I won't be going anywhere. As far as I'm concerned, I'm nestled right in the heart of wargming.

Did I mention that the food and ale round here is exceptional too? People are generally friendly as well.

But now you know why it's taken me so damned long to actually paint any miniatures, let alone build any Drop Pods.

Things are in a kind of limbo right now. But it'll all sort itself out in time.

- Adam

Monday, June 22, 2015

Space Wolves MSU 2000 Points Army List

“Wolves for the Wolf King” here to talk about taking a step away from packing lists out with Thunderwolves using some of the more overlooked Space Wolves units in a MSU (Many Small Units) list.

In writing the below 2000 points army list I have tried to hit on all of his key points and think up something quirky and a little outside the box. Since 7th has dropped theres no limit on the number of units you can hold in reserves however you still need to be conscious that if you end a game turn with no units on the board you automatically lose. This is something I am going to play off with this list. The main units i have focused on are as follows:

Wolf Guard Terminators: WS5 in a Company of the Great Wolf Detachment and special because they can be taken in units of 3, have access to combi-weapons, free storm shields and permit you a Lone Wolf in a free slot! They’re more resilient than they look! The beauty of relentless also means that you can still fire rapid fire weapons and assault.

Lone Wolves: Ok so they concede kill points now and they no longer score.... however these guys are absolute beat sticks. Small enough to hide and buy you some time for any deep strikers to arrive T2. Great for tying up MC’s and putting the hurt on any mid to light armour.

Arjac Rockfist: Another absolute beatstick. Similar in many ways to a Lone Wolf and another free slot opened up by taking Wolf Guard Terminators.

Long Fangs: They come in units of two and have split fire. The long fang Ancient has access to a number of special weapons and you can upgrade one model to a Wolf Guard Terminator pack leader. The beauty of this is you have a two man unit made up of 2 characters able to look out sir on to each other on a 4+.

Drop Pods: nearly every model in this army has its own capability to deepstrike aside from the Long Fang Ancient. These can be taken as either Dedicated Transports or in their own Fast Attack Slots however in my view they should have the Long Fangs embarked. Take the Locator Beacon to enable precision Deepstrikes and the Deathwind missile Launchers to bring some S5 large blasts to the board.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitors: Ok, so not Space Wolf, however a Codex: Inquisition Inquisitorial Detachment permits two HQ’s (only one of which is Mandatory). Stick him in a suit of Terminator Armour with a Psycannon and load out with Servo Skulls. These guys are a great utility for adding more S7 shooting whilst increasing the accuracy of your deepstrikes.

Wolf Lord: Because he’s got a built in 4++ and they’re the Champs of Fenris!!!



Wolf Lord (Terminator Armor, Morkai’s Claws, Fellclaws Teeth)


x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-plasma, x3 Storm Shields)

x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-plasma, x3 Storm Shields)

x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-plasma, x3 Storm Shields)

x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-melta, x3 Storm Shields)

x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-melta, x3 Storm Shields)

x3 Wolf Guard Terminators (x3 Combi-melta, x3 Storm Shields)


Arjac Rockfist

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield)

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield)

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield)

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Frost Axe, Storm Shield)

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Frost Axe, Storm Shield)

Lone Wolf (Terminator Armour, Frost Axe, Storm Shield)


Drop Pod (Deathwind Missile Launcher, Locator Beacon)

Drop Pod (Deathwind Missile Launcher, Locator Beacon)

Drop Pod (Deathwind Missile Launcher)


Long Fangs (Ancient w/Plasmagun, WGT Pack leader w/Storm Shield & Combi-plasma)

Long Fangs (Ancient w/Plasmagun, WGT Pack leader w/Storm Shield & Combi-plasma)

Long Fangs (Ancient w/Plasmagun, WGT Pack leader w/Storm Shield & Combi-plasma)


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (Terminator Hammer, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, x3 Servo Skulls)

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (Terminator Hammer, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, x3 Servo Skulls)


Servo Skulls: These Deploy after deployment areas have been determined but before either player deploys. You have 6 at your disposal - get a nice spread bearing in mind you will also have two drop pods arriving in your first turn with locator beacons and also that your opponent can remove them fro play by moving within 6”.

First point is to put all the Wolf Guard Terminator units into reserve.

Join the Wolf Lord and Two Inquisitors to a Squad of Combi-Plasma WGT each. The Wolf Lord aids one squad in becoming a combat threat once its Plasmas have fired off and the Inquisitors add more S7 Ap4 Rending Psycannon shots to the 6 S7 ap2 Combi-Plasmas - it makes sense to me to keep the S7 with the S7.

Join Arjac to one of the Combi-Melta Squads. Needless to say the 6” range of his Foehammer adds more punch to the 6” Melta range.

The Long Fangs (due to having one model in Power Armour) put in the Drop pods.

Deploy your 6 Lone wolves as close to your deployment line as you can. They’re going to be footslogging their way across the board. Try not to leave too much of a gap between them as they support each other well and play the line of sight game - If they cannot see them they cant shoot them!

During Game:
The main trick with this list is weathering the first turn. Obviously you have two drop pods with two two-man squads of Long Fangs arriving. Aim to land these quite central keeping in mind the range of both the Deathwind and Plasma rapid fire is 12”. Be sure to keep the Terminator at the front to tank a few shots. Try and put the Long Fang Ancient in cover to help him to avoid any AP3 shots.
Meanwhile, the Lone Wolves have 1 job - run forward. Single man units, being small targets they play the line of sight game well and can easily be hidden behind terrain.

Turn 2- Roll for your reserves. As long as the Fenrisian dice gods are with you your units should arrive and bringeth the pain! Provided you’ve still got some pods and Servo skulls on the board you should manage some pretty accurate deep strikes. Needless to say, play the weapons off their strengths when they arrive and the almost army wide 2+/3++ will drive your opponent crazy.


I’ve had a lot of success running this list. 8 Wins to 1 Draw. Granted it is slower and requires more tactical thinking that the Thunderwolf Cavalry Lists that are floating around the internet but makes for a great fun, themed list that can be annoying as hell for your opponent to shift. Remember your Challenges for preferred enemy and play smart!

Does anyone else run a Full Wolf Guard Terminator list/ Logan Wing? Please share your experiences.

That's it from me!

- Wolves for the Wolf King

Monday, June 15, 2015

Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List

My Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List has evolved quickly into a hard hitting strike force that scales up from 1500pts to 1750pts, 1850pts and 2000pts.

In this article I'm going to explain why it works well, how to scale it up and where it hits its limits in terms of scaling.

Now, I'm the kind of player who tends to run the same list over and over again, having spent forever and a day writing it, testing it and fine tuning it.

So this Space Wolves Drop Pod Army is built around a 1500pts core force, with various bits bolted on later. But the 1500pts core is the backbone of the army.

Personally, I like having a main force, then being able to swap around my 'bolt on' units to try out different things without becoming too divergent from what the core of the army is about or how it plays.

It's not like switching from an army of Grey Hunters in Drop Pods to a mob of Thunderwolves, backed up by a Knight and a Sicaran Battle Tank. Because that's quite a steep learning curve if you're not playing both of those forces regularly.

I you want to become awesome with you army, you should just be playing one kind of list again and again. Because practice makes perfect.

Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List: 1500pts

This is the core force of the army with a mixture of all the right units you need for a good game.

It's got plenty of shooting, plenty of smashing and has a few tricks up its sleeves thanks to Ulrik The Slayer and all those Troops in Drop Pods.

This is a Combined Arms Detachment in order to access "Objective Secured" for all the Troops and their Dedicated Transports.

And let's not forget that you can declare Night Fighting on the first turn as well - which I highly recommend.

All of the guns in this army are relatively short ranged and you'll want to minimise casualties from your opponent's long ranged guns, as he tries to bring 100% entire army to bear down on 75% of your army.

While it may be tempting to take The Company Of The Great Wolf Detachment from the Champions of Fenris book, this kind of heavy handed approach to a Drop Pod themed list will not serve you well - quite simply because you need Objective Secured on your Drop Pods to cling to those Objectives. Especially if you're playing Maelstrom missions.

This also gets around the mobility issues associated with running a Drop Pod themed force. Because your Drop Pods can secure the Objectives, while your units go off to contest and claim more. This isn't a "kill everything" kind of force. It's a force designed for playing and winning missions.

There is an odd number of Drop Pods, because in Drop Pod Assault you deploy half of your Drop Pods rounding up on Turn 1. So that's 4 out of 7 Drop Pods, helping you to put as many units into your 'alpha strike' from the start of the game.

Combined Arms Detachment:

Ulrik the Slayer (joins Grey Hunters Pack 1)

“Berserker” Dreadnought:
Venerable, Great Axe and Blizzard Shield
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

“Berserker” Dreadnought:
Venerable, Great Axe and Blizzard Shield
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

Wolf Guard:
1 Extra Wolf Guard, 6 Combi-Meltas
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

Grey Hunters Pack 1:
2 Extra Grey Hunters, Melta gun, 6 Close Combat Weapons, Wolf Standard, Wolf Guard Pack Leader upgrade, Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Combi-Melta.
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod, Homing Beacon

Grey Hunters Pack 2:
5 Extra Grey Hunters, 2 Melta guns, 10 Close Combat Weapons, Wolf Guard Pack Leader Upgrade, Combi-Melta
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

Grey Hunters Pack 3:
5 Extra Grey Hunters, 2 Melta guns, 10 Close Combat Weapons, Wolf Guard Pack Leader Upgrade, Combi-Melta
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

Blood Claws:
Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod

Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List: 1750pts

A really obvious and easy +250pts bolt on. An upgraded Stormfang is 255pts to be exact, but there were some leftover points from the 1500pts army list.

Aside from the Stormfang being a brilliant gunship that's actually low enough to claim Objectives in Hover Mode due to how it fits on its flying base (the model has to be no more than 3" from an Objective), this unit addresses the force's lack of anti-flyer weapons, long ranged guns with high Strength and low AP.

Previously, I had considered a 5-man pack of Void Claws to increase the number of units I could get in my enemy's face on Turn 1. However, the army doesn't need any more anti-troop units, even if they do allow me to re-roll my Reserve rolls. The Stormfang is a far more tactical and useful addition. Especially when there are already 2 dedicated assault units (the Berserker Dreadnoughts) who fulfill a close assault role better than Void Claws can.

Twin-Linked Lascannon, Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas

Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List: 1850pts

1850pts is a strange number considering most of the time we scale up by +250pts from 1500pts.

It can be tricky to find a 100pts unit that can fit into and have synergy with the 1750pts force. Remember that you need to keep an odd number of Drop Pods in order to ensure that your Turn 1 Drop Pod Assault is cost effective. So you would need to buy 2 Drop Pods before you added any units - which totally isn't worth it.

But we can easily add a Character to lead the 6 Wolf Guard with Combi-Meltas.

Arjac Rockfist is an obvious choice (he can only join Wolf Guard and Wolf Guard Terminators). He's awesome for his points. Although you'll have to boot out a Grey Hunter from your list to afford him, as he's a little over 100pts.

Alternatively a Rune Priest with a Runic Stave, Psychic Level 2 and a Psychic Hood comes to just under 100pts.

Space Wolves Drop Pod Army List: 2000pts

Okay, no points for imagination here. But I would DEFINITELY take a second Stormfang for another +255pts.

It's just so much more effective than all the other options from the moment it arrives.

This army needs consistent high Strength, low AP shooting and one-shot Combi-Weapons cannot provide that. Not to mention that they're short ranged.

Other viable +250pts bolt on unit options are either short ranged, only effective at shooting for a single turn, don't support the first wave of Drop Pod Assault units effectively or all of the above.

Besides, think how awesome it would be if BOTH of your Stormfangs arrived from Reserve on Turn 2?

Twin-Linked Lascannon, Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas


The concept behind this kind of this scalable army list is that many supporting units and characters become 'bolt-ons' to the main core of the force, synergising with it and supporting it by compensating for the weaknesses.

Most importantly, these are units which can immediately contribute to the battle on the Turn they arrive.

There's nothing worse than desperately waiting for reinforcements to arrive, then having to wait another Turn before they can effectively engage the enemy.

However, this army will take time and practice to master.

Knowing which units to put in your Turn 1 Drop Pod Assault and where to place them on the table will be the biggest challenge every game. Otherwise, you will face an uphill struggle for the rest of the game if you choose the wrong units. But this will come with experience.

I'm unlikely to field him, but I do have a Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour with a Chainfist and Storm Shield. I could pair him with Arjac to lead the Wolf Guard as a +250pts bolt on if I want to go smashing things. But the Stormfang is by far the more sensible choice.

If You Want to Buy This Army

If you're like me and you see an army scalable army list that looks good and you'd like to play it, you'll want to price it up.

So I thought I'd make it easy for you and let you know how I did mine.

I didn't buy it all from Games Workshop. I made sure I got a significant discount from an online retailer instead. Although some weapons are best acquired from Forge World.

I've tried to price this up as cheaply as possible for people who don't want to buy Forge World MKII Marines for their Wolf Guard or any over the top snazzy bits like that.

If you'd like to make this 2,000pts scalable army, you will need:

7 Drop Pods - £18 each from Wayland = £126

2 Stormfangs - £39.20 from Wayland = £78.40

2 Dreadnoughts - £26.40 from Wayland = £52.80

Ulrik the Slayer - £12 from Games Workshop

Arjac Rockfist - £15 from Games Workshop

Space Marine Librarian (convert to Rune Priest) - £14.40 from Wayland

4 Grey Hunter Packs - £18.40 from Wayland = £73.60

Legion Melta Guns Set - £11.50 from Forge World + 10% postage = £12.60
(sell the spare Melta Guns on eBay to make some money back!)

2 Legion Combi-Weapons - £14.50 from Forge World = £29.00 + 10% postage = £31.90
(sell the spare Combi-Meltas on eBay to make some money back!)

1 Wolf Guard Terminator with Storm Shield and Storm Bolter - £7 from an eBay Bits store

TOTAL = £423.70

In the meantime, stay tuned for some Space Wolves Drop Pod Tactics, including my sneaky "baseball glove' strategy!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Beer Cans for Drop Pods

Last weekend I went up to Warhammer World to check out the latest changes, spend money on beer and take a mooch around their massive new museum. But most importantly, to play a few games with some new friends!

Below is my brilliant little 1,750pts army. Plus Arjac Rockfist, a Wolf lord, Rune Priest and another Stormfang that needs building and painting.

I took my army for its first test run up and had fantastic fun fielding my first Drop Pod army.

"But where are the Drop Pods?" I hear you cry.

Erm... they hadn't been built yet, so I used Carlsberg cans sprayed Wolf Grey as stand-ins.

Yes, this is a new low for me. But at least they were Open-Topped!

The Wolves of Fenris are a bloody fearsome bunch. Even my little pack of 5 Blood Claws performed brilliantly.

But I have to say how awesome Ulrik The Slayer is with his 6" Preferred Enemy area of effect. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to blow up Pask's Armour 14 Leman Russ Punisher with a 4+ Invulnerable Save, which was boosted by an item to 3+ Invulnerable Save and boosted by an Inquisitor's Psychic Power to a 2+ Invulnerable Save! Re-rolling lots of 1s has an impressive effect on the game.

The Berserker Dreadnoughts were amazing as well. One even swung it's axe into the face of Inquisitor Hector Rex, killing him instantly!

Massed, focussed fire from the Drop Pods was rather astounding as well.

And finally, the Stormfang was quite simply incredible, constantly hitting with all of its weapons and annihilating its targets. So much so, I couldn't resist acquiring another one.

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