Monday, April 20, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 10 of Lots

This week I have mostly been cleaning Drop Pod parts and having my soul slowly eaten away with every scrape of the Stanley knife and rasp of the modelling file.

With seven Drop Pods to build, it's been hard going and I finally understood what so many people meant when they said that the Drop Pod kit was a soul destroying monster.

The sheer amount of flash and mould lines are just astounding. But I've soldiered through night after night and cleaned as many of the big parts as possible, which now reside in a massive plastic Tesco bag.

On the bright side, I plan to purchase a pack of Void Claws and a Stormfang when I venture to SALUTE on Saturday. Who knows what else I may be tempted to buy while I'm there?

But first, I must finish off my power armoured Wolf Guard.

In other news, I've been chatting with Jake over at Cadian Shock and may get a game arranged against him once my army is done!

In the meantime, it's back to the tedious task of trimming and cleaning all the little fiddly bits for my Drop Pod kits.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 9 of Lots

This week I have been mostly converting my second Berserker Dreadnought, complete with rubble strewn base and massive hammer.

Thanks again to Stephan for giving me his spare Nemesis Dread Knight Daemon Hammer.

I quite simply chopped off the Fenrisian Great Axe just above the grip, chopped off the Nemesis Hammer just above the grip, filed both ends until they were flat and matched up nicely.

I also cut the skulls from the centre of the Nemesis Hammer head, trimmed a couple of wolf skulls and glued them in place. Much more wolfy!

I probably should have drilled and pinned the Nemesis Hammer head on to the grip, but my polycement seems to be insanely strong at melting plastic. Although I have the join a thin skin of super glue to make sure it stays strong. I also need to do some Green Stuffing to make the wire from the grip attach to the Nemesis Hammer head. But I'll do that later.

I bought this guy second hand on eBay, so he came ready-made.

The only snag was that someone had glued him (with a lot of glue!) to a plastic base.

So I spent a couple of hours (yes, hours!) cutting his feet free. That didn't go so well.

But thankfully, Anvil Industry provide a lot of bricks and other urban rubble with their urban bases. So I was able to surround the right foot in all this debris and cover up the fact that many of the 'toes' are off the ground.

Not it looks like they're treading in all the battlefield rubble.

With all of my infantry miniatures done (I'll come back to my Wolf Guard and do their cloaks later), it's time to start batch building Drop Pods.

7 Drop Pods in fact.

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 8 of Lots

This week I have been mostly building my Wolf Guard in Forgeworld MKIII Iron Armour, armed with Combi-Meltas. And it has been challenging.

While the pairs of arms are all the same, half of the left arms didn't seem to line up and grip the underside of the gun very well AND properly attach to the shoulder area. Hence some fiddly super-gluing to make it all stick together. It was a horrible flash back to 2nd edition when I had to glue plastic arms to metal torsos.

Thankfully, the MKIII shoulder pads are massive and covered up the horrible joins.

I continued my use of 'shouty heads' because I feel they really bring the Space Wolves army to life. Although for my Wolf Guard I tried to find older and more 'beardy' heads, because these guys are seasoned veterans and need to look like it.

And, as always, I've based them all on Anvil Industry urban bases.

These guys still need some 'wolfing up' with trinkets, wolftails and feral bling.

I'm also giving them all Kromlech Sons of Thor backpacks. Not just because they're awesome, but also because they cover up the hideous mess of the MKII legs.

Just look at the bad casting of these legs from Forgeworld.

Truth be told, the mould lines on these models were bad. In some instances it seemed as though the two halves of legs and arms had 'slid' apart during the cooling process - having blatantly not been given enough time to cool and set. But thankfully I was able to trim and file these pieces to look okay.

But there's only so much cleaning you can do with a Stanley knife and a set of modelling files. The backs of the legs are particularly bad.

Bitching aside, here's my Wolf Guard Test Model which shows how the cloak hides the back of the legs from casual view.

So I can live with that.

Although the Kromlech back packs are pretty horrendous as well and require lots of filing and green stuff work.

Finally, here are two Rune priests I made using the Space Marine Librarian plastic kit.

A big thank you to Stephen McMullan who gave me a Grey Knight Force Stave for the Rune Priest on the right. I had a blast converting this guy, from carefully replacing details around his belt and giving him a pointing arm (and hand) from the Space Marine Tactical Squad box. The right arm is a Space Wolves Bolter arm with the hand replaced for the one holding a Grey Knight Force Stave. His back pack is from Krom Dragongaze.

Stephen did give me two Grey Knight Force Staves. I tried converting one of them, but made a right pig's ear of it. So I decided to just give the Rune Priest the Force Stave exactly as it was.

How did a Space Wolves Rune Priest get a Grey Knights Force Stave, complete with Inquisitorial =I= ?

Obviously, he was there at the first war for Armageddon where the Space Wolves and Grey Knights fought together to defeat the World Eaters and a Khornate Daemonic Legion united by Daemon-Primarch Angron.

I quite like this bit of background actually.

Did the Grey Knights round up the Space Wolves after the Daemonic incursion and wipe their minds, scrutinise them or have them wiped out like they would any other Space Marine Chapter?

No, the Grand Master of the Grey Knights (perhaps Kaldor Draigo himself?) wordlessly shook Logan Grimnar's hand and the Grey Knights teleported away.

The Space Wolves are The Emperor's executioners after all.

The other Rune Priest (on the left) I'm not as happy with. Mostly because I got a bit conversion crazy on the Librarian miniature, replacing the legs, arms, head, shoulder pads, weapon and back pack. In fact the only part left of the £18 model is the torso.

So I paid £18 for a torso!

This is what happens when you spontaneously convert miniatures late at night when you're tired and really should go to bed.

On the bright side, I have lots of Librarian bits I can sell on eBay which should help to recoup some of the cost. Although I may list this Rune Priest as well and chalk this one up to experience.

Next week I'm working on my second Berserker Dreadnought, complete with gigantic hammer! Thanks again to Stephen for letting me plunder his bitz box.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 7 of Lots

This week I have been mostly building Grey Hunters.

Unlike my other packs, this pack only has 8 miniatures, because they will always be joined by an HQ choice.

This is also why their Wolf Guard Pack Leader has Terminator Armour, a Storm Shield and a Combi-Melta.

Basically, to arrive, fire the Combi-Melta and then soak up a lot of hits. He has the rather dubious honour of being my HQ's meat shield.

This is my last squad of plastic Space Wolves and it shows, because this is the point where I started running out of bits! Namely torsos and shoulder pads.

My use of 'shouty heads' continues, as well as regular Space Marine legs and Anvil Industry urban bases.

I also made a Grey Hunter Wolf Standard Bearer for this pack. He might get booted out to make room for my HQ choice, one of the other guys might get booted out to make room.

The idea is that he works with Ulrik (who gives Preferred Enemy to all units within 6") and provides +1 attack to call units within 6" as well.

We'll see how that goes.

The Wolf Pelt is from the Dreadnought kit and the Troll Skull... I don't actually know where that's from.

But the whole pack has the embossed skull shoulder pad as their pack symbol, so I thought it would be cool if they were the "Troll Hunters" on Fenris and this Troll Skull trophy ties in with that quite nicely.

Only 8 Wolf Guard, 7 Drop Pods, a Rune Priest and 2 Stormfangs to build, then the painting can begin!

I may paint my "Wolf Guard Test Model" in between, time permitting...

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