Monday, June 20, 2016

Space Wolves and Eldar Army List

Following the success of the Space Wolves and Eldar doubles army list I wrote for the Greetings From The Warp tournament, I've been thinking about using the speed and synergy of these two top tier forces to create formidable army.

Wolf & Eldar 1750pts Army

Since the ITC has ruled that you can take an Elite Iron Priest and now the first draft of the Games Workshop Space Wolves FAQ also says that you can take an Elite Iron Priest, I'm taking an Elite Iron Priest!

After all, I need 2 Elite choices to run a Company of the Great Wolf.

Then my Thunderwolves will receive +1WS and my Characters get some nice buffs too!

I've chosen for the Wolf Guard Battle Leader to be the army's Warlord, because he's going to be in the thick of the fighting and the Space Wolves Warlord Traits in the Company of the Great Wolf are perfect for this.

Space Wolves: 950pts

Company of the Great Wolf Detachment (Champions of Fenris Supplement):

Wolf Guard Battle Leader: (Warlord)
Runic Armour, Krakenbone Sword, Storm Shield, Thunderwolf Mount

(Elite) Iron Priest:
Thunderwolf Mount, 4 Cyberwolves

5 Wulfen
Wulfen Pack Leader with Frost Claws, 2 Great Frost Axes, 2 Salvo Grenade Launchers, 2 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry:
3 Storm Shields, 1 Powerfist

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry:
3 Storm Shields, 1 Powerfist


I replaced the 5 man Blood Claws pack from my doubles list with the Wulfen pack as my second compulsory Elites choice.

I also swapped the Thunder Hammer on the Wolf Guard Battle Leader for the AP2 Krakenbone Sword.

This takes the 800pts army up to 950pts.

PS: If you wanted a nasty little 1,000pts army, you only need to add a Rune Priest to the Wulfen Pack. You'd just need to drop a Salvo Grenade Launcher and the Wulfen Pack Leader upgrade (and take a pair of Frost Claws instead) to balance the points.

Eldar: 800pts

Combined Arms Detachment:

Jetbike, Singing Spear, Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

3 Jetbikes:
3 Scatterlasers

3 Jetbikes:
3 Scatterlasers

Warp Hunter:

Wraith Knight:
2 Heavy D Cannons

This is the 800pts Eldar list from the doubles tournament. And it performed perfectly.

Okay, the Warp Hunter could have been better. But that was due to my lack of familiarity with the unit.


Before anyone cries "CHEESE!" because I'm fielding Thunderwolves, Wulfen, Jetbikes and a Wraith Knight, I just wanted to post this pic:

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about how this army plays.

Basically, I've built an army of tough, fast and hard hitting units, who can all take care of themselves and move freely.

Transports can be a liability. They also require you to think ahead in order to get your transport into position, disembark the troops within and use them effectively.

This army requires none of that micro management.

Everything is free to move far, shoot from afar with impressive firepower, or simply surge forward, absorb enemy fire and crash into close combat.

And so the Thunderwolves and Wulfen advance quickly with the aim of getting into close combat and take the brunt of the enemy's fire.

Meanwhile the Wraith Knight majestically advances behind, taking the centre of the field and blasting other Gargantuan creatures or Super Heavies with its twin Heavy D Cannons.

The Warp Hunter occupies an interesting role, by providing Strength D barrages to soften clustered formations (or strip hull points off tanks) from afar) or sweeping in for a close range kill with its Strength D Flamer template.

Finally, the Jetbikes scoot around at the back of the army, claiming objectives and supporting the advancing Wolves with shots from their Scatter Lasers.

The Farseer will never stray far from the Wraith Knight, who he will cast "Guide" on every single turn.

After all, those 2 Heavy D Cannons are far too important to miss with! My dice rolls are pretty atrocious at the best of times.

The Space Wolves make up for the Eldar's lack of durability and close combat potential. Meanwhile the Eldar make up for the Wolve's lack of long ranged firepower.

Best of all, it's rather fluffy and in keeping with the background of both armies. Eldar are all about the bikes. Wolves are all about the... well, the Wolves!

Anyway, considering the very slow rate at which Lee and I are building out armies, I may end up taking this to quite a few tournaments this year.

In the meantime, check out the battle reports from the Greetings From The Warp Doubles Tournament.

We had a blast playing this army.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Warzone Fenris Part 2 Rumours

Warzone Fenris 2 rumours are coming in hot. Plastic Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red, the Thousand Sons and the 'year of Tzeentch'. It is known!

Normally I'm not one for posting rumours until I see some blurry photos taken by an over enthusiastic camera minion with Parkinson's. Because is always a lot of wish listing, wild speculation and foolish hope when it comes to Warhammer 40K rumours...

However, once Lady Atia (a well known and respected rumour-monger) on War of Sigmar suddenly confirmed these rumours to be true, I felt I should share these whisperings from the warp with you.

via Mauler on Faeit 212

I bumped into an old mate last night who had a chap with him who I'd not met before. He said that he knew people working at GW, said that they were working on Warzone: Fenris pt2 at the moment and showed me two grainy photos.

I assume that the delay in pt2 is down to the models involved as one pic was of Thousand Sons in ornate armour that I'd not seen before and the other pic was of a daemonic Magnus. Hard to make out details on him from memory but there was a fair bit of blue & red on him and I vaguely remember something like blue pinions outstretched from his back but I'm not sure if they were wings. Clearly a departure from a Primarch Magnus from FW.

Mauler goes on to say that Daemon Primarch Magnus is plastic.

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar

There. Will. Be. GW. Plastic. Daemon. Primarchs.
They will use them for their 40k storyline. You can also use them in 30k.

Forgeworld will do the Prospero Magnus. In resin. Around Fall, for the Inferno release (as I think Russ may be ready for sale for the next Open Day). He will be the largest Primarch. And of course FW will continue to produce the 30k Primarchs.

GW will use the Daemon Primarchs for their ongoing storyline. Because that's the things that "are more interesting". You can use them for both 30k and 40k games, more people buy plastic models than resin. Magnus is finished. But please don't expect all 5/6 Daemon Primarchs tomorrow lol.

GW already did them (Angron, Mortarion, Magnus and Fulgrim) in EPIC. They all work as large focus models for their respective Cults.

Well, this gives us some rather interesting revelations and further information.

Firstly, that Daemon Primarchs are part of GW's new 40K storyline plan.

Secondly, that the Daemon Primarchs "all work as large focus models for their respective Cults". So as well as being big, stompy creatures, they're going to put out various buffs to units bearing their Mark of Chaos.

And now for some wild speculation

I expect we will see new rules for Dark Angels, Grey Knights and Thousand Sons in the new Warzone Fenris book.

I also expect that we will see some more Space Wolves rules. After all, GW wants as many people as possible to buy another book.

Rules for Bran Redmaw's Great Company seem likely. But that's just me wildly speculating.

Brace yourself, Winter is coming!

Previous rumours have suggested that Warzone Fenris 2 is scheduled for October.

Meanwhile, Deathwatch and other ranges are in the pipeline...

Monday, June 6, 2016

Embracing Change in 40K

7:00:00 PM by Adam Smith · 4 comments
Warhammer 40K is constantly changing. But rather than fight the change and pray for a futureproof army, I believe we need to accept our fate, embrace the change and roll with the new releases.

Oh how I nerd raged when Games Workshop introduced Thunderwolf cavalry to the Space Wolves army. It felt like the dumbest idea ever - and I swore to never include them in my army! All that has changed now, of course.

However no one was against the idea of Wulfen making a comeback, although the 'wolf legs' was a bit of an unexpected design feature.

Either way, the last two editions of Warhammer 40K and the updated versions of the Space Wolves Codex (Curse of the Wulfen included) have brought radical changes to our otherwise very straightforward army.

Gone is the army built on Rune Priests, Grey Hunters and Long Fangs - the true backbone of any Space Wolves Great Company (in the background at least).

Now are the days of Thunderwolf Cavary, Wolf Lords riding to battle on Thunderwolves, Iron Priests riding to battle on Thunderwolves and feral packs of Wulfen, supported by the finest Heavy Support choices that Forge World has to offer.

Honestly, my 5th edition Space Wolves army which clawed its way to the top tiers in tournaments wouldn't stand much of a chance now.

But, back then Space Wolves were similar to Space Marines, except with Counter Attack, Acute Senses, extra Close Combat Weapons, cheap Wolf Guard Pack Leaders and awesome Rune Priests and cheaper Long Fangs with Missile Launchers...

Yeah they were pretty sick!

So it's no wonder Games Workshop wanted to make them DIFFERENT from other Space Marine Chapters, rather than simply making them so much BETTER.

New Year, New Army

Games Workshop is a money making machine.

They said so themselves in one of their big investor meetings.

And for any miniatures company to make money, they need to be constantly churning out new releases. Impulse buying is a massive marketing focus in this industry. Customers want the new models with new rules to crush their opponents.

However, Games Workshop isn't the pioneers of this process. Believe it or not, we have Privateer Press to blame (or thank?) for this approach with their constant stream of new Warmachine and Hordes releases. Games Workshop simply took a good marketing idea and ran with it.

They also followed Privateer Press' lead on bringing Super Heavy vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures into standard games.

Thanks to this constant stream of new products, it would make sense to simply accept that you may need to change or update your army with every new Codex release and every new Edition release.

At the current rate of Games Workshop's output, that's approximately a new army every 1-2 years.

So be ready to part with £400 per year. You may get 2 or even 3 years out of your current build if you're lucky.

Is that as much as someone would spend on console games during that time? I do wonder...

Don't Buy So Much Stuff!

"Only £400 per year?"

Well, yes - If you're not buying ridiculous amounts of this stuff.

We're constantly fed images of apocalyptic scale battles, photos of enormous and beautifully painted armies, as well as war stories of a truly titanic scale.

Combine this with the impulse buy of new units and the 'dream' of having an army with absolutely everything and the average Warhammer hobbyist has a serious overbuying compulsion.

I personally, had over 4,000pts of Eldar all sitting in boxes before I realised just how much I had collected - Followed by the realisation that it would NEVER all get painted.

It was ridiculous!

Especially when I usually only play games up to 1,750pts.

So I scaled it down to a list I was happy with and sold off the rest.

You cannot have a future proof army - unless you have the time, money and motivation to collect the good part of an entire Space Marine Chapter. And even then, you'll have to buy new units and find many of your units becoming obsolete each year.

How much did my 1850pts Eldar army come to?

Farseer on Jetbike with Singing Spear
3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
7 Warp Spiders + Exarch
Warp Hunter
Warp Hunter
3 Dark Reapers
Wraith Knight

That comes to £471 with online discounts, a little bit of eBay and a lot of Forge World. Yeah, Forge World ramped up the overall price somewhat.

I recently priced up Tristan Whitehead's Space Wolves army and that came to roughly £340.

Which is pretty good for a 1750pts army!


This article has been all about breaking bad habits, resisting the impulse to buy absolutely everything and to stop ourselves becoming enthralled in the Warhammer 40K universe - Especially when you don't need a massive army to actually play and enjoy the game.

Here's my plan for wargaming happiness:

Plan a 1750pts army for casual and competitive play.
Buy it, build it, paint it, play it.
Do not buy anything else that you don't absolutely NEED.
Expect to get 1-3 years of fun out of it.

Wait until a new Codex or new Edition.
Buy another 1750pts army for casual and competitive play.
Repeat the process...

There you go! Cost effective and pressure free wargaming.

This is how the top tournament players do it every year. They've accepted that there will be a constant churn and burn in their hobby. And I truly feel that many of us would be so much happier if we learned to let go of our old armies and embrace the change.

Because the games, the rules and the hobby will continue to change - with or without us.

And let's not forget that we've got to build and paint all this stuff!

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Song of Ice & Firepower

Following on from last week's Wolf and Eldar doubles tournament battle reports, I wanted to talk to you guys about the armies that Lee and I are working on. In what I like to call "A Song of Ice & Firepower".

Playing to our Strengths

As hobbyists, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. And in this instance, Lee is brilliant at building and magnetising models, while I am better at painting.

So after Lee expressed his frustration at building his models, only to make a mess of the painting, while I was having trouble magnetising my models the way I wanted, we agreed to do the work for one another.

While I've been painting Thunderwolf Cavalry, Lee has been building and magnetising my Eldar, including the awesome Wraith Knight.

Developing Armies

While Lee mostly takes care of the cleaning, building and magnetising side of things, which takes considerable time (probably more so than painting), I spend time researching and writing our army lists to optimise our units and make our army lists competitive.

We devised 2 main Space Wolves armies for Lee, while I created a single, flexible, scalable Eldar list for myself.

This way we can play 500pts to 1850pts games (or higher) with the pool of units at our disposal.

Lee's Space Wolves List

Lee's lists are based on Tristan Whitehead's Space Wolves army, The Blackmanes list from The Space Wolves Players Hand Book, and then a handful of other units he likes to keep things interesting.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf (magnetised)
Iron Priest on Thunderwolf, 4 Cyberwolves
3 Rune Priests
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry (magnetised)
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry (magnetised)
5 Wulfen
5 Wulfen
Stormfang/Stormwolf (magnetised)
Stormfang/Stormwolf (magnetised)
Sicaran (magnetised)
Dreadnought/Bjorn/Murderfang (magnetised)
Drop Pod

Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour with Chainfist and Storm Shield
6 Wolf Guard with Combi-Meltas and 1 Wolf Claws
5 Wolf Guard Void Claws
5 Grey Hunters with Close Combat Weapons and a Melta Gun
5 Grey Hunters with Close Combat Weapons and a Melta Gun
5 Grey Hunters with Close Combat Weapons and a Melta Gun
5 Grey Hunters with a Plasma Gun
5 Blood Claws with a Flamer
5 Blood Claws with a Flamer
5 Blood Claws with a Flamer
2 Long fangs with Plasma Gun, Wolf Guard Battle Leader Upgrade, Terminator Armour, Combi-Plasma, Storm Shield.
5 Wolf Scouts with Bolters, a Plasma Gun and Camo Cloaks
10 Drop Pods

Arjac Rockfist
5 Wolf Guard Terminators (magnetised)
Land Raider Crusader
5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers
5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers
Imperial Knight

Adam's Eldar List

"Don't mind me, I'm just a harmless little Eldar army..."

I wanted my Eldar army to be fast, shooty and have a nice mix of units. Basically to maximise on what (for me) the Eldar have always been about. Hence why I only have 1 Wraith Knight and my army is small. It can reach 1850pts. Not that I play many games above 1750pts.

Farseer on Jetbike with Singing Spear
3 Jetbikes (magnetised)
3 Jetbikes (magnetised)
3 Jetbikes (magnetised)
3 Jetbikes (magnetised)
7 Warp Spiders + Exarch
Warp Hunter
Warp Hunter
3 Dark Reapers
Wraith Knight (magnetised)


We've got a lot of models to build and paint between us. Once all that's done, we've got Imperial Sector scenery to build and paint too!

But working with other people (and being able to use each others' armies) is what the hobby is all about.

My only worry is how my Eldar would be able to repel The Blackmanes drop pod army?

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