Monday, July 21, 2014

Space Wolves Project: Part 1 of Lots

I've made a start on my first pack of Grey Hunters. Having collected bitz for countless months, it was great fun to build these, although still very tricky, because there are only 2 pairs of decent 'gun holding' arms per Space Wolves box.

Anyway, I'm sure you can spot all manner of bits from Marauder and Marauder Horseman heads to Thunderwolf Cavalry Torsos, Heads, Arms and Chainswords, as well as some of the new Space Marine Legs, as well as Assault Marine Running Legs.

They're all mounted on 'heavy resin' Urban Bases from Anvil Industry. And if you look closely, you can see that I've drilled out all the Bolters too! Ok, some are a little off-centre, but I'll fix those with Green Stuff later.

They all have the same embossed Grey Hunter shoulder pad too. This is one of the benefits of buying your entire army at the same time. Because you can go through all the Space Wolves boxed sets and collect the shoulder pads you need. I actually have 18 of each design, which allows me to make a 10-man Pack, plus models for extra options like Mark of the Wulfen and Wolf Standard. But I'll hold off on those until the rumoured Space Wolves Codex drops...

Here's a shot of my hobby table.

Absolute anarchy!

I'm probably the messiest modeller going.

Bits end up in piles. Tools end up everywhere. The TV remote is always nearby, because I always have a film on in the background while I'm working.

And here's a box of all the stuff I still have to build and paint.

Oh yes, it's full to the brim!

So as you can see, I have a heck of a lot to build and paint. But that's why I got scenic bases for everything and an airbrush to make painting much quicker.

The only question that remains is which Wolf Lord to choose for my scheme?

Bran Redmaw is one option. Erik Morkai is another. And the recently release Krom Dragongaze is quite attractive too. Although I'm not keen on the sheer amount of red they seem to be using in his colourscheme.

Anyway, these Space Wolves Project posts will be an ongoing series as I get stuff built.

And judging by everything in the box, it's going to be a loooooong series!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wolf & Sister part 85


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stormclaw Boxed Set Limited Run

Originally this post was going to be called "Cheap Space Wolves For Everybody!", but unfortunately the Stormclaw boxed set is a limited quantity product.

I suppose we couldn't expect Games Workshop to sell us £140.50 of models for £75 (and a mini rulebook) forever?

Because once you take a boxed set like this to the eBay marketplace and break up all the components, the value of the miniatures would be reduced considerably.

You'd be paying £10 for 10 Grey Hunters or £15 for 5 Wolf Guard Terminators. And that would be awesome!

Cheapest Warhammer 40K army ever?

8 sets of Grey Hunters, 2 sets of Wolf Guard Terminators makes 6 Grey Hunter Packs, 3 Long Fang Packs (weapons bought seperately) 6 Wolf Guard Terminators, 2 Lone Wolves and a Rune Priest converted from bits.

£80 + £30 + £36 (long fang missiles at £3 each) = £146

The flip side of this however, is that unlike the Dark Vengeance 40K Starter Box, we can't all go on eBay and buy the models we want, in the quantities we want, because Stormclaw is a limited quantity product.

It also means that Krom Dragongaze and Grukk Face-Rippa will either only ever be available with this limited quantity product... or they will be released separately at a later date.

Considering the number of Space Wolves players, it would be very silly of Games Workshop not to release these characters in their usual blisters for the over inflated price of £18 each.

We'll still buy Krom Dragongaze, no doubt about it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wolf & Sister part 84


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