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Space Wolves VS Chaos Space Marines 1750pts Battle Report

Hey all, so this battle report is between me (Chris, being represented by Huron) and Mark (playing the honourable space wolves). We played in my cosy living room so the lighting is not great, which I will apologise for now! I set the board up in advance and although fairly sparse had a decent spread of line of sight blocking terrain. We took it in turns to deploy objectives, Mark trying to group all his objectives together and me trying to space them out.

Space Wolves Army

Bjorn the Fellhanded (Warlord)

Venerable Dreadnought with frost axe and blizzard shield

Venerable Dreadnought with frost axe and blizzard shield


Logan Grimmnar on Chariot

Njal Stormcaller*

Rune Priest Lvl 1*



Chaos Space Marines Army

Huron Blackheart (Warlord)

10 Cultists with Autoguns

10 Cultists with Autoguns

5 Chaos Marines with melta gun

6 chosen with flamers

3 Obliterators

8 Bikers with 2 melta guns and a lighting claw

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

Maelstrom of War, Mission 6

I won the roll off to set up and chose the board edge that would give me the best vantage point for my Obliterators, knowing that they were my best chance at downing any of those flyers and then I gave the Brass Scorpion an unmissable spot in the middle of my deployment zone. Huron gives D3 units the ability to infiltrate/outflank, and I rolled a 4, giving me 2 units. I chose a unit of Cultists (what use are they against this army!) and Huron's unit, again not the best weapons load out for this opponent.

Mark then deployed and gave Njal a good spot to shoot people, then went for a refused flank approach to maximise his limited movement.

Turn 1: Mark seized the initiative thanks to Bjorn's rule that gives him +1 to the roll, and proceeded to advance in an orderly fashion. Njal and his meat shield body guard advanced through the building, getting in range with his special formation power of the Obliterators. In the psychic phase Njal casts his spell without a hitch and proceeds to roll triple 6 for his number of shots. Through the barrage of fire power, one Obliterator falls to the aggressive lightning storm. Shooting phase and the few weapons are ineffectual. No charges this turn. Mark achieves 1 Victory Point.

I move around with my bikes to avoid any kind of assault from any of the many killy units on the other side of the table, the Brass Scorpion advances, I can see no way to avoid combat with those two Dreadnoughts, so I make a b-line for them instead, at least I can rob some attacks from them? My Rhino moves out to secure an objective and my Cultists cower. Shooting is ineffectual on all counts, the Brass Scorpion isn’t very accurate and the Dreadnoughts are sturdy. The Brass Scorpion charges and amazingly I only suffer 2 penetrating hits, no explodes results means the Brass Scorpion is down to 7HP. I get one glance through the 3+ invulnerable save in return. I manage to It Will Not Die with the Brass Scorpion to gain one back. Thanks to a lucky roll on a D3, I score 5 Victory Points this turn.

Turn 2: Mark raced his other dread towards the scorpion and started to swing round with his force, Grimmnar eyeing up some juicy Cultists for pulping. The Stormfang came on targeting the chaos marines rhino. The psychics were not very effective with nothing occurring, shooting and somehow Bjorn misses the bikers and the Stormfang explodes the rhino killing 2 marines. Combat and the dreads somehow only manage to take one hull point from the Brass Scorpion while it immobilises the damaged Dreadnought. Grimmnar charges and pulps the Cultists, wiping them out. In the end mark scores 3 Victory Points, one of them being First Blood.

Huron and his Cultists arrive both from my left hand board edge which is perfect. The Cultists need to grab the objective near Logan and the chosen and Huron disembark to aim their powerful flamers at Bjorn's AV 10 backside. The bikes move to target Murderfang with their melta guns and the remaining marines move to the skyfire ojective to shoot the Stormfang with their melta gun. Huron gets forewarning on his random power generator but Njal puts him in his place and denies it. The bikes melt and explode murderfang much to my relief, on the other side of the board the marines miss the flyer. Huron and his boys manage to take one hull point of the ancient Space Wolf. The Brass Scorpion takes a hull point but kills the wounded dreadnought in return. I score 2pts.

Turn 3: The stormclaw comes on and targets the bikes, other flyer moves to target the bikes. Grimmnar takes this opportunity to line up a charge against Huron, Bjorn moves to assist. Psychic and Njal kills two bikers. Shooting and the flyers kill 1 bike each after they elect to jink. Grimmnar and Bjorn charge the chosen and Huron. Huron takes on Logan while Bjorn takes on the unit. 3 failed armour saves later from the Hammer of Wrath attacks and the champion is dead and Huron is on 1 wound. The chosen do 2 hull points to Bjorn in return and then are wiped out by Grimmnar (Went for Initiative 1, strength 8 just so he “could” instant death Huron) as Huron fails all his saves and dies in a gory mess. In other news the Brass Scorpion finally kills the other dreadnought. Mark scores 1pt.

My turn 3 and I move the bikes and the Chosen’s Rhino to shoot Bjorn in his backside and the scorpion eyes up psyker blood. Shooting and I kill Bjorn with a humble glance from a snapshooting combi bolter on the rhino. The bikes shoot at Grimmnar and do no damage, then charge and are all killed (its CHAOS!!!!). somehow the Strength 10, AP2 6 Attacks Brass Scorpion only kills the Rune Priest and remains locked in combat with Njal. I score 3 Victory Points.

We have to call it there as there is little time left to pack up and I need to eat breakfast on this table in the morning. There was not a lot left to do for either side, thanks to both of us throwing far too many points into big models. It was a great game though, and with line breaker and so forth, the final score was 11-6 to chaos!

- Chris Lord

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Burning of Prospero - White Dwarf November 2016 Leaked

The Burning of Prospero board game is coming in November and will contain Space Wolves, Thousand Sons and Adeptus Custodes.

Yes, that is Bjorn the Fell-Handed, complete with an oversized Wolf Claw centre front.

Yes, those are PLASTIC Tartaros Terminators and MKII (or is it MKIII?) Space Marines too.

And as we already know, there is a plastic Thousand Sons Sorcerer, which may or may not be Ahriman.

It's a big box of Space Marines at a reduced price.

So it's going to fly off the shelves!

Unlikely other plastic character models which become cheap and readily available on eBay, I expect Bjorn to be as rare and expensive as Krom Dragongaze was.

So if you want him, make sure you get him quick!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Space Wolves VS Chaos Daemonic Incursion (Khorne) 1850pts Battle Report

Simon Nightingale's Space Wolves battle the frenzied hordes of the Blood God in this week's battle report.

Taking place a upon a former agri-world world now left in ruins by the demonic incursion, the Space Wolves have sent an elite force of Thunder Wolves aided by their Imperial Knight ally to deal with the murderous horde now ravaging the planet.

But will just a few brave warriors be enough to weather the fury of Khorne?

Either way, it's going to be a blood battle.

Over to Simon...

Eternal War

The Emperors Will

Space Wolves Army:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/ Armor of Russ, Kraken bone Sword, Fellclaw teeth
Rune Priest
Rune Priest
Iron Priest on thunderwolf
Iron Priest on thunderwolf
5 Wolf Guard terminators w/ Thunder hammer/Storm shields
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry
9 Grey Hunters w/ 1 Power fist, Drop pod
9 Grey Hunters w/ 1 Power fist, Drop pod
9 Grey Hunters w/ 1 Power fist, Drop pod

Allied Detachment:
Knight Crusader

Chaos Demonic Incursion (Khorne):

Murder Host:
Herald w/Juggernaut, The crimson Crown, Loci of Wrath
5xBlood Crushers w/ Blood Hunter
1-8x Flesh Hounds
2-8x Flesh Hounds
1-10xBlood Letters w/ Blood banner, Blood reaper, Chaos Instrument
2-10xBlood Letters w/ Blood banner, Blood reaper, Chaos Instrument
3-10xBlood Letters w/ Blood banner, Blood reaper, Chaos Instrument
4-10xBlood Letters w/ Blood banner, Blood reaper, Chaos Instrument
5-10xBlood Letters

Gorethunder Battery :
Herald on Blood Throne w/Loci of Fury
1-Skull Cannon
2-Skull Cannon
3-Skull Cannon


Khorne Daemon Incursion:
The daemons lose the roll and deploy first. The Blood Crushers, with the Herald on his juggernaut,take the left/center field while the Flesh Hounds take the front/center and right/center. Behind the Flesh Hounds are the three Skull cannons, and in the dead center of the back field, resides the Herald on a Blood Throne. The remaining 50 Blood Letters are left in reserve to deepstrike.

Space wolves:
The Knight was placed behind a large piece of terrain obscuring him from line of sight of the Skull Cannon. The Thunderwolf Cavalry, Iron Priests, and Wolf Guard Battle Leader were then placed to the far right of the field. The 2 squads of Grey Hunters, their embedded Rune Priests and the Wolf Guard terminators remained in reserves with their drop pods.

Turn 1:

Khorne Daemon Incursion:
Everything on the field advanced forward at full tilt, the Blood Crushers and Flesh Hounds ran, and the Skull Cannons and Throne of Blood rolled up behind them. The knight, being obscured by terrain was out of line of sight, leaving the two Skull cannons to the right to fire at a single Thunderwolf dealing a wound.

Space Wolves:
The Space Wolves entered the fray with a bang. The Wolf Guard terminators landed in the far right field next to the Flesh Hounds and Skull Cannon. Next, the first squad of Grey Hunters drop pod landed directly behind the Blood Crushers and they disembark. The knight then moved from behind cover to take aim at the Blood Crushers and the Thunder wolves swept around the far left side of the field taking cover behind the ruined temple. In the psychic phase the newly arrived Rune Priest managed to cast foreboding on the Grey Hunters. Then During the shooting phase the combination of bolter fire from the Grey Hunters, and the hail of shots from the Imperial
Knight sent the Blood Crushers screaming back into the warp and left the herald with 2 wounds.

Turn 2:

Khorne Daemon Incursion:
Daemons rained in from the warp in Khorne turn two. Four of the five squads of Blood Letters made it onto the field. Two popped up behind and beside of the Grey Hunter pack while the third and fourth appeared behind the Thunderwolf cavalry. The herald on the juggernaut wheeled around and faced the Grey Hunters while one unit of Flesh Hounds veered off into the newly arrived Wolf Guard terminators. The other unit of Flesh Hounds ran up the mid field looking for the Knight that was still concealed behind terrain and the Skull Cannons followed suite hoping the get line of sight to the Knight. The Blood Throne then positioned itself behind the Flesh Hounds attacking the terminators and gave them his aura of Rage (Loci of Fury). The Skull Cannons let loose a salvo of fire and killed 2 of the Thunderwolf cavalry in the shooting phase. Then came the assault phase, the Flesh Hounds made it into the Wolf Guard terminators and managed to kill 3 of the 5 while only loosing one of their own. Finally the Herald on the juggernaut charged the Grey Hunters forgetting they had foreboding up and died in a hail of bolter fire.

Space Wolves:
With another resounding boom the final drop pod arrived landing in the center back field on the daemon half of the table right next to the Blood Throne. The Knight moveded out from behind his concealing terrain and the Thunderwolves turned and prepared to charge the freshly arrived Blood Letters. Again the Rune Priest managed to get up foreboding on the first Grey Hunters squad but pearls and lost the psychic power and a wound in the process. In the shooting phase the two squads of Grey Hunters opened up on the two units of Blood Letters behind them. One of the units was completely wiped out and the other reduced to just 5 Blood Letters. The Knight opened up on the Skull Cannon squadron immobilizing one and destroying the cannon of another. The assault phase saw the Thunder wolves and all accompanying characters charge into the Blood Letters on the space wolves side of the field and managed to kill a few of them. While the Blood Letters didn’t manage a sinlge wound back they easily managed to pass their instability rolls. The Knight slammed into the the Flesh Hounds though it only managed to kill 2 of them. Lastly in the far left of the Khorne side of the field the was the combat between the second unit of Flesh Hounds and the Wolf Guard terminators. The terminators weathered all the attacks of the Flesh Hounds without a single loss and managed to send 2 more hounds back into the warp.

Turn 3:

Khorne Daemon Incursion:
Turn three saw a great blow to Khornes forces. The last ten Blood Letters landed in the back /center of the Khorne side of the field and faced the second Grey Hunter squad. The 5 Blood Letters on Khornes half of the field moved to assault the second Grey Hunters squad with the Herald on the Blood Throne moving in to support them from the other side. The rest of the turn was a pure Blood bath as the Skull Cannons cannot draw line of sight to any unit not engaged in close combat so cannot fire.. The two Blood letter units in combat with the thunder wolves manage to kill the last of the Thunderwolf cavalry but are wiped out by the counter attack of the 2 Iron Priests and the Wolf Guard Battle Leader and instability. The other 5 Blood letter unit assaulted the Grey Hunter unit and lost one to overwatch. The Blood Throne slammed in from the other side. The results of the combat leave only 3 Grey Hunters and the Rune Priest alive and all the remaining Blood Letters dead, the Blood Throne slew enough to leave him out of combat for next round. Next it was the Flesh Hounds turn to die as the Imperial knight who stomped them into oblivion while on the other side of the field the second flesh hound unit took one more casualty and killed off one more terminator.

Space Wolves:
Having Swept the field of all but the last unit of Blood Letters the Space Wolves were free to move. The Wolf Guard Battle Leader and one Iron Priest moved out to assist the Knight in killing the Skull Cannons while the second Iron Priest secured the objective on the Space Wolf side of the field. The knight moved forward preparing to charge the Skull Cannons if his fire power couldn’t end them, which coincidentally it did not. The remaining Grey Hunters of squad 2 and the still full squad 1 opened up with their bolters on the last Blood Letter unit and wiped them from the field. In the assault phase the Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Iron Priest made a long bomb charge into the Skull Cannons and combined with the might of the Imperial Knight managed to smash the Skull Cannons to pieces. In the assault with the Flesh Hounds and the Wolf Guard terminator, the terminators finally falls to the weight of the Flesh Hounds attacks.

Turn: 4

Khorne Daemon Incursion:
With just the Herald on his Blood Throne and The Flesh Hounds left the Daemons of Khorne had no hope of victory... But Khorne cares not! The Blood Throne and Flesh Hounds positioned to assault the first and second Grey Hunters squads respectively and did so. In a furious turn of assault the Flesh Hounds managed to kill one Rune Priest and all but one of the second squad of Grey Hunters. The Blood Throne, despite suffering 2 Hull Points, managed to kill the other Rune Priest and 2 Grey Hunters from the first Grey Hunters squad.

Space Wolves:
Spurred on by their success the Iron Priest, Wolf Guard Battle Leader, and Knight moved to get into the last Khorne units to help out the Grey Hunters which they did easily. The Iron Priest slammed into the side of the Blood Throne and in a challenge smashed it to scrap with his thunder hammer. The Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Knight charged into the rear of the Flesh Hounds and managed to wipe them out, though it cost the life of the last Grey Hunter of squad 2 when the Knight accidentally caught him in his stomp.


Space Wolf Victory!

Thus the day was won! The elite cadre of space wolves weathered the storm of the Daemonic Incursion of Khorne and their hordes of vile Blood Letters. The verdant garden world can now be returned to a place of peace and rest for the Heros of the Imperium and the Space Wolves can return to Fenris with tales of their great victories added to the sagas of the chapter.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Traitors Hate Formations & Tactics

A tactical analysis of the formations and rules in the Chaos Space Marines supplement Traitors Hate.

Chaos Space Marines getting some love from Games Workshop is a big deal. And as one of the armies Space Wolves players are most likely to face in Warhammer 40K, I felt that I should write about what's hot and what's not in the latest Chaos book.

We know that there will not be new Chaos Space Marines Codex. And we know that Games Workshop are now rolling out supplement books for every army as a means of 'patching' whats broken and unbalanced as best as they can by giving different units a boost through formations.

Unfortunately, Traitors Hate isn't as immediately awesome as Khorne Daemonkin, but there is some gold in here. Although you will definitely feel some hatred and want to scream "Death to the false Emperor!" when comparing to the Space Marines Codex and their supplements. Chaos purists will be holding out for Nurgle Daemonkin, Tzeentch Daemonkin and Slaanesh Daemonkin books and I for one cannot blame them.

Anyway, Chaos Space Marine woes aside, let's get to the meat of the Traitors Hate Formations and the tactics behind them.

Black Crusade Detachment

Must take 1 Core choice and 1 Auxiliary choice.
Up to 5 Command choices and any number of Auxiliary choices.

Command Benefits:
Re-roll Warlord Traits
All units have HATRED Armies of the Imperium
All Chaos Space Marines get Veterans of the Long War for free.
Choose 1 model with the Champion of Chaos rule and roll on the Chaos Boon table.

Hatred is good, being able to roll a Boon is fun!

Command: Lords of the Black Crusade

1 of the following:
Chaos Lord
Daemon Prince

Can be replaced by Special Characters

Yep, fine. That's pretty standard.

Core: Chaos Warband

1 Chaos Lord
0-1 Sorcerer
1-3 of the following units
- Chosen
- Chaos Terminators
- Possessed
2-6 units of
Chaos Space Marines
1-3 of the following units
- Raptors
- Warp Talons
- Chaos Bikers
1-3 of the following units
- Havocs
- Helbrute

Roll twice on the Chaos Boon table and choose the result.
All untis gain Objective Secured.

Combine with your free Boon roll and that's not bad.

The fact all units get Objective Secured is pretty awesome for an army that generally doesn't like to take many Troops.

Chaos Lord on a bike, Plasmacide Chaos Terminators, 2 small units of Chaos Marines, 1 Chaos Bikers and a squad of Havocs with 4 Special Weapons is okay. But I'm not exactly getting excited about the killing potential or value for points here.

Core: Maelstrom of Gore

Kharn of the Betrayer or Chaos Lord
4-8 units of Khorne Bezerkers

Chaos Lord gets Mark of Khorne for free.
Fleet and +3" to charge distances.
Once per battle all units in this formation that are locked in combat may perform a Pile In move and Attack during their movement phase. But enemy units cannot attack back. Units from this formation may Attack again in the Assault phase.

The rules look awesome on paper. Kharn is a must! And with 4 units of Bezerkers some of them will make it into combat. Really, you just want to get Kharn in there.

Kharn + 8 Bezerkers with Champion and Fist + Land Raider
8 Bezerkers with Champion and Fist + Land Raider
8 Bezerkers with Champion and Fist + Land Raider
5 Berzerkers + Warpsmith + Rhino

Don't forget to roll your free Chaos Boon. You might get lucky with a Skull Champion!

This really is a 'core' choice due to the number of Bezerker units and your need to get them across the board.

The Fist of The Gods formation (below) gives you a Warpsmith and 3 Land Raiders for transports.

It's small, it's stupid and it might just work!

Personally I wouldn't run all those Bezerkers on foot (they would get shot to peices). But Kharn with 8 of his buddies in a Land Raider is a must have. You could have the other 3 units of Bezerkers very small and on foot, but I don't think they'd make it. Even with Fleet and +3" charge.

Core: The Lost and the Damned

1 Dark Apostle
4-9 units of Chaos Cultists

Dark Apostle Zealot rule applies to call Cultist units within 6" of him.
If a Chaos Cultist unit is destroyed, it is placed into Ongoing Reserves with the Outlank rule on a 4+.

The new Cultist spam with respawning cultists - if you're lucky!

We all know that the worst thing about the Chaos Space Marines Codex is the Chaos Space Marines. So if you want to take the bare minimum Black Crusade army, this is the way to do it.

Now you have plenty of points for all the nasty stuff that you really want. Like Heldrakes, Daemon Princes and Maulerfiends.

But wait!

If you take Typhus to lead your Chaos Space Marines, Cultists can be upgraded to Plague Zombies.

Suddenly this formation got a whole lot more interesting and made the Typhus Zombie army more interesting too.

Respawning, Outflanking zombies? Yes please!

The Dark Apostle's Zealot bubble becomes more appealing too.

Auxiliary: Helforged Warpack

1 Warpsmith
3-5 of the following units
- Hellbrute
- Maulerfiend
- Forgefiend
- Defiler

While the Warpsmith is alive and on the battlefield, all vehicle models in this formation can use their Daemonforge special rule a second time (if they have used it already).

One vehicle model in this formation is the Alpha and gains a 4+ Invulnerable save. If it is destroyed, all other vehicle models in this formation gain Rage.

Maulerfiends. Lots of Maulerfiends. And make one an Alpha.

Warpsmith can join another unit as he doesn't need to be near them.

Definitely take this formation.

Auxiliary: Veterans of the Legions

1-2 of the following units
Khorne Berzerkers
Thousand Sons
Plague Marines
Noise Marines


Auxiliary: Heldrake Terror Pack

2-4 Heldrakes

Enemy models within 12" of 2 models from this formation suffer -1 Leadership. If 3 models -2, if 4 models -3.

Vector Strikes from models in this formation against Pinned, Falling Back or Gone to Ground unit inflict D6 Strength 7 AP2 hits instead of only 1 hit.

You're buying 2 Heldrakes if you want to take any at all.

The Leadership decrease is okay. It's better if you have 3 Heldrakes for this. 4 Heldrakes seems horrible to face.

Hmm... Lost and the Damned (Zombies) core + Typhus + 4 Heldrakes in a Terror Pack auxiliary = crying opponent?

Buy the Cultists an Aquila Strongpoint to hide in.

Add glass of wine to serve with this cheese.

Auxiliary: Cult of Destruction

1-3 Warpsmiths
3-5 of the following units
- Obliterators
- Mutilators

Each Warpsmith can target a unit from this formation within 8".
Obliterators shoot twice. Mutilators attack twice.
Units must use different weapons for the different sets of attacks.

You know this is all about the Obliterators right?

The thing is, they need to be within 8" of the Warpsmith in order to fire twice (with different weapons at the same target). And you need 3 of these units.

3 units of Obliterators isn't uncommon.

But rather than mess up whether they're Deepstriking or walking with everyone else, simply take the 1 Warpsmith (especially if you were going to take 1 anyway) and make sure one of these units is within 8" of him.

It seems a bit of a faff trying to take multiple Warpsmiths to get multiple shots out of your Obliterators when they need to keep changing weapons.

Chaotic? Yes. Confusing? Yes. Worth it? Only if you take 1 Warpsmith as your tax.

Auxiliary: Fist of the Gods

1 Warpsmith
3-5 of the following units
- Chaos Predators
- Chaos Vindicators
- Chaos Land Raiders

6+ Invulnerable save to vehicles from this formation within 12" of the Warpsmith.
Warpsmith receives +1 to repair rolls when repairing a vehicle from this formation.

3 Vindicators can perform a Linebreaker Bombardment, firing a single Apocalyptic Blast that Ignores Cover.

3 Predators have the Monster Hunter and Tank Hunters special rules.

You MUST take 3 tanks.
Predators look favourite.
Land Raiders for transporting your assault troops.
I don't really care about the Warpsmith, he's buffs aren't that good.

Auxiliary: Raptor Talon

1 Chaos Lord
3-5 of the following units
- Raptors
- Warp Talons

Can Charge on the turn they Deepstrike. But it is a disordered charge.
Enemy units charged by 2 or more units from this formation -2 Leadership.

Deepstriking units that can charge when they arrive. The Chaos Lord will make or break that charge.
1 unit of Warp Talons feel like a must in order to make enemy units Blind, so you don't get Overwatched to death as you charge in.

This formation has a nice Night Lords feel to it. But I wouldn't take more than 3 units otherwise you're keeping too many points off the board. If this arrives piecemeal it's a nice, constant distraction to tie up enemy units and sew confusion.

Auxiliary: Terminator Annihilation Force

1 Chaos Lord or Sorcerer
3-5 units of Chaos Terminators

Lord or Sorcerer gets Terminator Armour for free.

Nominate a unit in the enemy army. Units from this formation may immediately shoot at it when they arrive from Deepstrike. This does not prevent units from this formation shooting again in the Shooting phase. Units from this formation gain Hatred against the target enemy unit also.

If the first nominated unit is destroyed, pick a new enemy unit to nominate for Annihilation.

The Lord or Sorcerer can be replaced by Abaddon or Typhus.

Chaos Terminators aren't really known for their shooting, except with combi-weapons which can only fire their special weapon once. So really each Terminator unit would need a Reaper Autocannon for this to be any real use. And you need 3 units of them.

I would be included to take 2 plasmacide Terminator squads of 3 men (they Deepstrike, shoot and hope not to die!) and 1 large squad of Terminators with Combi-Bolters and 2 Reaper Autocannons for a constant stream of Annihilation fire and close combat Hatred.

Even so, that's still a lot of points! And a lot of points trying to Deepstrike in order to be able to shoot twice.

I'm not really feeling that.

3 squads of 3 with 1 Reaper Autocannon and 2 combi-meltas in each would be a good budget choice and versatile enough.

Auxiliary: Favoured of Chaos

1 Daemon Prince
3-5 units of Possessed

Possessed within 12" of the Daemon Prince receive all 3 Mutation table results instead of rolling.

Sound brilliant!
Shame it's a lot of points and you need to get it across the board and into close combat some how.
It could have worked well as a Core choice, but it's not.
I think I'll pass.

Auxiliary: Trinity of Blood

3 Khorne Lords of Skulls

Enemy units locked in combat at start of this formations movement phase suffer S6 AP4 hits with Ignore Cover and Soul Blaze equal to number of models in enemy unit.
Shooting attacks from units in this formation are twin-linked if firing at an enemy unit that has already been shto at by another unit in this formation.

I don't see myself ever fielding such an expensive formation.

Auxiliary: Spawn

1-3 units of Chaos Spawn

Everyone loves spawn! Don't know if this formation gets any extra rules yet..


In summary, I feel that the Chaos Warband isn't brilliant, because you're forced to buy an Elite choice, 2 Chaos Marine Troops and Heavy Support choice that I know you wouldn't normally take. That's a pretty high tax.

This actually saddens me, because I long to see a nice Chaos Space Marines army. But Games Workshop just isn't going to give us one. Maybe it's part of their marketing strategy to make Chaos players want to start playing Horus Heresy and fork out a fortune on Forge World models?

Maelstrom of Gore is going to be very popular! Kharn + 4 squads of Bezerkers. It can be small. It knows what it does and it does it well. Small numbers aren't an issue if you time your Red Rain right. Or just get Kharn stuck into close combat. But it needs something to help it get there. It needs Land Raiders.

Fist of the Gods steps up to deliver your Land Raider transports and the much needed long ranged firepower in the form of Monster Hunter/Tank Hunter Predators. Warpsmith can provide some close combat clout or tank hits with his 2+ save.

As if Cultists weren't awesome for their points already, The Lost and the Damned makes them even better with respawns that can Outflank. Typhus making cultists Plague Zombies makes this even better.

Helforged Warpack is obviously awesome because of Maulerfiends.

Basically, if it's already good in the Chaos Space Marines Codex - then it just got better!
If it isn't so good, then it still isn't so good.

Games Workshop had a real chance to fix the Chaos Space Marines Codex. But they didn't. So it looks like Khorne and Nurgle are the real winners here.

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