Monday, May 23, 2016

Greetings From The Warp Doubles Tournament

This weekend, Lee and I entered the Greetings From The Warp Doubles Tournament with our Eldar and Space Wolves army. We played 3 fantastic games and had a lot of fun!

I took the Eldar, Lee took the Space Wolves.

Yes, I have an Eldar army! But more on this in another post.

I'd spent quite a while devising 2 army lists which would have synergy, compensate for one another's weaknesses, maximise on each race's strengths and generally kick arse.

And I confidently feel, that without resorting to outright cheese, that this was one of the best tactical lists at the event.

We were allowed to take 800pts each, a Minimum of 1 HQ and 1 Troops choice and no more than 1 Lord of War.

So here's what we took.

Lee's Space Wolves: 800pts

Wolf Guard Battle Leader: (Warlord)
Thunderwolf Mount, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

Iron Priest:
Thunderwolf Mount, 4 Cyberwolves

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry:
3 Storm Shields, 1 Powerfist

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry:
3 Storm Shields, 1 Powerfist

5 Blood Claws:
1 Flamer

Adam's Eldar: 800pts

Jetbikes, Singing Spear, Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

3 Jetbikes:
3 Scatterlasers

3 Jetbikes:
3 Scatterlasers

Warp Hunter:

Wraith Knight:
2 Heavy D Cannons


We chose the Wolf Guard Battle Leader to be the Warlord, as the Space Wolves have some good close combat Warlord Traits.

The Blood Claws are there to hold an objective. The Thunderwolf Cavalary, Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Iron Priest are all there to be fast, tough and hard hitting in close combat. The perfect parallel to the fast, fragile and firepower focused Eldar.

The Jetbikes are there to fly about at the back and lend covering fire the Thunderwolves, taking out threats that the wolves cannot reach at range.

The Warp Hunter was taken to target the units we cannot see with its Barrage D3+1 D-Flail.

Finally, the Wraith Knight was designed purely to move 12" and fire its Heavy D Cannons in order to eliminate artillery, tanks, Knights and artillery that could case the Thunderwolves problems. And he absolutely excelled in this role.

Because both armies can move 12" this is a very fast force which we deployed with a 'feint' or sudden change of direction in mind.

After all, why batter your 1600pts of your army against your opponent's 1600pts 'wall', when you can reposition to one flank and throw your 1600pts at 800pts of the enemy to secure victory instead?


Game 1: Big Guns Never Tire
Armies: Elysian / Astra Militarum
Players: Tom / Sam

Tom and Sam were so much fun to play against. Just what we needed for our first game!

We were facing an army of Elysian Drop Troops in Valkyries, with a Vulture, 2 buggies, Drop Sentinel and a variety of Astra Militarum tanks, led by Tank Commander Pask in a Punisher.

Basically, we expected to get shot - a lot!

We won the roll off, deploying first and taking the first turn.

The Thunderwolves surged forward, do the left flank, while the Wraith Knight blew Pask's tank apart in a spectacular explosion!

A squad of Jetbikes zoomed up the right flank, securing an objective, while the Blood Claws claimed another objective.

The Imperials were on the ropes from Turn 1 and their forces were decimated by the end of Turn 3.

However, we ran out of time and the Imperials had done better than us on claiming objectives by the end of the game, resulting in a draw.

Had the game run it's full course, we expected to have completely wiped out the Astra Militarum.

Game 2: Purge the Alien
Armies: Tyranids / Tyranids
Players: Simon / Jack

Having faced Tyranids many times before, I knew that we would need to pick our targets carefully.

Take out the big stuff, but ensure we don't get swamped by the little stuff.

Simon and Jack had brought a Hive Tyrant, flying Hive Tyrant, 2 Tervigons, 1 Trygon, 2 broods of 30 Hormagaunts, 2 broods of 30 Termagaunts.

We won the roll off, deploying first with the Wraith Knight in the centre, flanked by Thunderwolves, flanked by Jetbikes. We took the first turn and meant a serious dent in the Tyranid battle line.

The Thunderwolves surged forward in the centre, while the Wraith Knight leapt to the top of the spire in the centre with a roar of its jump pack, before blasting one of the Tervigons apart with its Heavy D Cannons.

Meanwhile the Jetbikes took the Hive Tyrant down to a single wound with their Scatter Lasers.

The Thunderwolves welcomed the charging Tyranid swarms and counter-charged, hacking their way through countless creatures.

Meanwhile, the Wraith Knight leapt from the spire, to land in front of the large ruins on the right flank and fire at the next Tervigon. One of its Heavy D Cannons, caused multiple wounds, while the other shot missed due to the heavy cover.

The Jetbikes whittled down the advancing sea of small Tyranid creatures, while redeploying to the right flank.

The Warp Hunter (after immobilising itself in some ruins!) finished off the Hive Tyrant.

The flying Hive Tyrant and Hormagaunts arrived from reserve, while the Trygon did not.

Simon and Jack had hoped that the Trygon and Hormagaunts would all arrive together, bursting from the same hole, behind enemy lines. But this was not to be.

By now the battle was over as the Thunderwolves swept towards the right flank, away from the newly arrived Tyranids and through the swarms of Termagaunts, cutting down the last Tervigon.

The 'psychic backlash' from dying Tervigons had greatly aided our clearing out areas of the Tyranids swarms.

We won the game 10-2, which was pretty spectacular!

Once again, we ran out of time and the game ended on Turn 3.

Game 3: The Relic
Armies: Iron Hands / White Scars
Players: Martin / Nick

Martin and Nick had a Space Marine biker army, backed up by 2 Thunderfire Cannons and 2 Scout squads in Speeders.

I knew that the Thunderfire Cannons would cause problems for our mobility. Especially for the Thunderwolves.

I also knew that (no matter how awesome they are!) we couldn't send all our Thunderwolves to take on an entire army of bikes. They would certainly get shot and killed.

So I knew we had to take out the enemy artillery quickly, then use our speed to reposition ourselves and whittle down the bikes with Jetbike Scatter Lasers before committing the Wolves in force.

We won the roll off, deploying first with the Wraith Knight in the centre, flanked by Thunderwolves, flanked by Jetbikes.

Are you seeing a pattern emerging?

Our opponents created a long battle line of bikes with a Thunderfire Cannon on each flank, in bolstered ruins. They then Infiltrated and Scout moved their Scout bikes over the ruined fortress, to claim The Relic.

So rather than meet their wall of bikes head on, we moved everything to the right flank. Meanwhile, one pack of Thunderwolves charged the Scout bikes and tore them to shreds.

The Wraith Knight destroyed the Thunderfire Cannon on the right flank, while a squad of Jetbikes were able to inflict 2 Wounds on the Thunderfire Cannon on the left flank (I did my maths and knew it was a statistically average chance!).

The Warp Hunter and Jetbikes took out squad of Space Marine bikes.

The wall of bikes advanced, firing at the Wraith Knight, inflicting 3 wounds with their grav weapons.

The Thunderwolves started munching their way through the line of bikes, starting on the right flank. The Wraith Knight failed to charge in (I only needed to roll a 5!) and join the fun, which led to his undoing.

The Wraith Knight took 3 Wounds from the Attack Bikes that had been a low priority and I failed all my saves. He was dead!

The battle took a strange turn from this point as the only enemy units left on the board were the Scouts in Speeders and the Iron Hands Captain in Artificer Armour with some kind of special relic Gauntlet that gave him Eternal Warrior and 3+ Feel No Pain, bolstered by +1 Feel No Pain, which was his Warlord Trait - So he had a 2+ Feel No Pain roll.

This one model then bogged down the Thunderwolves and the game ended half way through Turn 4, because we ran out of time.

Had our opponents played their final turn, the Iron Hands Captain would certainly have been killed (he was on 1 wound).


Despite having played Warhammer 40K for 22 years, this was the first time I had ever played in a doubles tournament. And so I learned some very valuable lessons.

First and foremost, that doubles games take a LONG TIME to play.

Mostly, this is because you have twice the players, therefore twice the conversations.

So, were I to play another doubles tournament, I would base my strategy on playing 3 turns. I would also take note of the start and finish times for each round and keep an eye on the clock.

Had we been able to play every turn of our games, I am extremely confident that we would have wiped out our opponents!

Unfortunately, it was the lack of turns played that caused us problems. Despite these minor frustrations, I've felt my passion for 40K rekindled!

I've really enjoyed playing Eldar and I'm very pleased with my overall strategy and the synergy of our army lists during this tournament.

I will, of course, continue to play Space Wolves with Lee. We'll probably end up borrowing each other's armies for and swapping sides for battles and tournaments in the future.

But playing such a fragile army has also made me see the Wolves in a very different light. Rather than trying to get them into close combat and weather the enemy's fire, I'm now trying to run from them and gun then down before I get ripped apart by their fangs!

In the meantime, Lee and I will continue working on our armies.

So stay tuned for more Wolf & Eldar action!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tristan Whitehead's Space Wolves Army List

Tristan Whitehead has quite possibly come up with the best Space Wolves army list we've seen in a long time. So good in fact, he won 4 out of 5 games at the SN Battle Reports tournament in Gibraltar with it.

Sometimes when you see an army composition that's so damned obvious, you wish you'd thought of it. Thankfully, Tristan is a big fan of the Space Wolves Players Hand Book, so I can at least claim some credit (right?).

Basically, he took the most powerful units in the Space Wolves army, using the most powerful detachments and brought it all together to create a beautifully unsubtle army list.

Here's what he cooked up.

Tristan Whitehead Space Wolves SN (1750pts)

Company of the Great Wolf Detachment:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader:
Krakenbone Sword, Thunderwolf Mount, Storm Shield

Rune Priest:
Psychic Hood, Rune Axe

Rune Priest:
Psychic Hood, Rune Axe

Blizzard Shield, Extra Armour, Fenrisian Great Axe, Venerable
Drop Pod

Iron Priest (elite):
Thunderwolf Mount

Skyhammer Missile Launcher

Thunderwolf Cavalry:
x3 Storm Shields, 1 Power Fist

Thunderwolf Cavalry:
x3 Storm Shields, 1 Power Fist

Relic Sicaran Battle Tank:
Dozer Blade

Wulfen Murderpack Formation:

5 Wulfen:
x2 Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Frost Claws and Stormfrag Launcher, x2 Great Frost Axe

5 Wulfen:
x2 Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Frost Claws and Stormfrag Launcher, x2 Great Frost Axe


I know what you're thinking... "How come he was able to take an Elite Iron Priest?

Well, the SN tournament used the ITC rules, which rule that you can take an Iron Priest as an Elite or an HQ choice.

It was written in White Dwarf that you can do this.

Although it was also written in Curse of the Wulfen that the HQ choice Iron Priest REPLACES the Elite choice Iron Priest.

So it goes to show that it's always worth checking with the tournament organisers' ruling before you submit your list.

You're probably also wondering... "Why the Sicaran doesn't have any sponsons?"

I guess Tristan was tight for points and the only way to get the points would have been to drop a Rune Priest.

And last, but not least... "Why aren't the Rune Priests in a Wyrdstorm Brotherhood?"

I would say it's because they get benefits from being in the Champions of Fenris formations, such as getting Preferred Enemy in Challenges. Also, when there are only 2 Rune Priests in play, the Living Storm power from the Wyrdstorm Brotherhood isn't very impressive,

Either way, this is a tight, tough little list with lots of tough, fast and hard hitting units.

If I was to take this up to 2,000pts, I'd simply take a third pack of Wulfen and give the Sicaran some sponsons.

Although, if I ran into issues because of the Iron Priest not being allowed as an Elite choice (and I personally feel it should be restricted to an HQ choice, as per how the rules are clearly written!), I would take a third Wulfen pack as my 2nd Elite choice and use the points for the Sicraran sponsons to pay the points for an HQ Iron Priest instead.

Pricing it up!

Out of curiosity (and temptation), I decided to price up this little army and see how affordable it is.

Please note that prices are from Element Games.

Wulfen Pack: £29.75 X 2 = £59.50
Thunderwolf Cavalary: £28.05 X 3 = £84.15
Dreadnought: £28.05
Drop Pod: £19.12
Space Wolves Pack: £19.55 (parts for Rune Priests, Iron Priest and Wolf Lord conversions)
Stormwolf: £41.65
Sicaran: £76 + £9.12 rip-off postage from Forge World

TOTAL: £337.14

That's not bad for a 1750pts army.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Space Wolves Players Hand Book 2016

What is The Space Wolves Players Hand Book?

Well, it's a tidy little tome of knowledge spanning over 170 pages that's been written to help you get the most out of playing your Space Wolves army in Warhammer 40,000 - whether you’re a Blood Claw novice or a veteran Long Fang.

This digital document is designed for you to casually flip through and get the best from each of the Space Wolves units, before bringing it all together to create a game winning army list.

It's particularly good to read on a mobile phone!

In addition to giving you the best builds for every Space Wolves unit, it also details how to use all the various Detachments, Formations, Fortifications and most popular Forge World units, including a wealth of Army Lists.

Basically the essential information about playing a Space Wolves army, all gathered together in one easy to access place.

This truly is THE hand book for all Space Wolves Players!

How to Download The Space Wolves Players Hand Book

1) Simply make a £5 (approximately $8) payment via PayPal.

2) If the email address you would like The Space Wolves Players hand Book sent to is different to your PayPal account's email address, please click the "Add special instructions to recipient" option and enter the email address you would like to receive The Space Wolves Players Hand Book.

3) I will then send you an email shortly after with The Space Wolves Players Hand Book as an attachment. I have to do all of this manually, so please be patient.

If you have any problems, please Contact Me and let me know.

Please click the button below to buy it now:

The Space Wolves Players Hand Book has already received rave reviews!

"Just received my Handbook and browsed it. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for those loyal to Russ and the Vlka Fenryka!" - Sal Montoya

"Love the guide. It's a new take on things and gives new insights into units." - Timothy Dorville

"A must have, absolutely awesome work." - Louise Terblanche

"Apart from saying the usual, you should buy it cos it's awesome, I find when I'm looking at putting time into making a character or a squad there are so many choices as to weapon load out etc. With this guide it lets you know what is best for each option and takes all that fuss out of pouring over a codex thinking if "I put this with that?" If your a space wolves player just get it cos it makes things a lot easier in deciding which way you want to go with your army from the endless options." - Ian Blythe

"Absolutely loving the Hand Book, giving me some real food for thought." - Steve Holgate

"I thought the handbook was pretty useful. As being new to the tabletop version of Warhammer and playing with friends who had a lot of experience it got me pretty caught up on how to run my wolves." - Tyler Miller

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and would like to thank everyone who has emailed me with their thanks and feedback - Adam

Monday, April 4, 2016

Battle Report: Space Wolves VS Chaos Marines

Jordan takes pits the skill of The Champions of Fenris against some Chaos Space Marines, joined by the Nurgle Daemon Lord of War, Gargantuan 777 points death ball from Forge World. It was quite a battle!

I had Logan, ulrik, Bjorn (in a pod), murderfang (in a pod), a venerable axe/shield dread (in a pod), a stormfang gunship with meltas and lascannon, longfangs with 4 missile launchers and Arjacs Shieldbrothers.

He had two units of chaos marines with mark of nurgle and veterans, and lascannon/meltas each. He also had a sorcerer, a nurgle daemon prince (ML3 with wings and the black mace), 2 vindicators, and the nurgle daemon lord of war gargantuan 777 point death ball from forge world. Fun stuff.

The game started out normal, I won the roll to deploy first and my opponent failed to seize.

His daemon prince rolled for powers and got invisibility. Eek!

I dropped my pods close to his Daemonprince with every intention of playing an objective game (contact loss) and scoring my objective of blood and guts when I (arrogantly assumed) killed the daemon on the counter attack that would surely come. Murderfang and Bjorn both popped out and fired their weapons. Bjorn rended a hull point off a vindicator Meanwhile the landraider and Logan took pot shots at the other unit of marines while hiding themselves as much as possible in cover to avoid incoming lascannons and demolisher shots.

My opponent started out strong by killing his own psyker turn 1 on a perils that pulled him into the warp. It was funny. But my laughter only lasted until he successfully cast invisibility on his daemon prince (thanks fully not the daemon lord) which I failed to deny with my measily 2 dice. The vindicator penned Bjorn and rolled an explodes result which I had him reroll with venerable, it turned into a 1 (luckily) He rolled all misses with his lascannons thus letting Bjorn and the venerable live unscathed another turn. He charged my vendread with his Daemonprince. The two proceeded to slap eachother with neither taking damage.

My turn I drew my objective (domination.. Pff) and succeeded with getting murderfang and my stormfang on the table from reserves. The stormfang, Logan, and the shieldbrothers moved to engage the daemon lord. The stormfang failed to do anything to the daemon lord and missed it's potms dispersed helfrost on the marines. Dissapointing. The ven dread actually hit and wounded the prince this time (and took a hull point himself) but murderfang couldn't charge in for the assist as the prince was bubble wrapped by marines which murderfang charged instead and wiped out in a round of combat (it was epic). Bjorn charged the vindicator and popped in like a water balloon.

On my opponents turn it became clear that we were pretty much giving up on objectives and our game devolved into good old purge the alien. His daemon lord charged my landraider and easily took it out. His lascannons remaining failed to hurt Bjorn and the 2nd vindicator failed to glance him as well. Invisibility failed this turn and my dread took his prince down to a wound.

On my turn it was looking as though I'd never kill the daemon lord. Toughness 9 a shit ton of wounds and a 3++ with FnP when failed had me discouraged, but I figured between Logan, the shieldbros and ulrik attached to them, it could happen. Arjac concussed the bastard with the luckiest throw ever. I charged it and lost 2 wounds on Logan, had Arjac, ulrik, and the terminator sergeant removed by a stomp for the trouble but I managed to wound it a few times. It was t looking good. The Daemon prince died to the dreadnought who, along with murderfang, began the long slow trip across the board (they didn't do anything else for the rest of the game). Bjorn charged the other vindicator and again, ate it for breakfast. The longfangs killed a few marines from the only squad left.

On my opponents turn, with not much to do, he killed Bjorn (finally) with a lascannon from his marines and it was straight to combat with the daemon lord. I lost a terminator, Logan took another wound, the daemon lord took more wounds.

On my turn, I shot his marines again with the longfangs and the stormfang (killing all but 1) and ran the dreads. The daemon lord killed Logan and one of the two terminators remaining.

On his turn he shot his bolt gun at my terminator. Nothing.

It went to turn 6, my stormfang finished off his last model.

Hell of a game! I fought hard against a gargantuan for what felt like ever with over 1,000 points worth of models and barely killed it, but it was all I needed to win.

The rest of his army just couldn't touch the armor of the dreads I fielded and suffered for it when the vindicators went down to Bjorn.

There's much to be said for having a well balanced army.

Thanks to Joe Todaro and Knights Blade Gaming and Hobby for hosting/playing such an awesome game! Can't wait for the next one!

- Jordan

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