New Space Wolves Players Hand Book 2016

What is The Space Wolves Players Hand Book?

Well, it's a tidy little tome of knowledge spanning over 170 pages that's been written to help you get the most out of playing your Space Wolves army in Warhammer 40,000 - whether you’re a Blood Claw novice or a veteran Long Fang.

This digital document is designed for you to casually flip through and get the best from each of the Space Wolves units, before bringing it all together to create a game winning army list.

It's particularly good to read on a mobile phone!

In addition to giving you the best builds for every Space Wolves unit, it also details how to use all the various Detachments, Formations, Fortifications and most popular Forge World units, including a wealth of Army Lists.

Basically the essential information about playing a Space Wolves army, all gathered together in one easy to access place.

This truly is THE hand book for all Space Wolves Players!

UPDATE: 1st March 2016
Now includes the best builts and army lists for new units, detachments and formations from Curse of the Wulfen.

How to Download The Space Wolves Players Hand Book

1) Simply make a £5 (approximately $8) payment via PayPal.

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3) I will then send you an email shortly after with The Space Wolves Players Hand Book as an attachment. I have to do all of this manually, so please be patient.

If you have any problems, please Contact Me and let me know.

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The Space Wolves Players Hand Book has already received rave reviews!

"Just received my Handbook and browsed it. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for those loyal to Russ and the Vlka Fenryka!" - Sal Montoya

"Love the guide. It's a new take on things and gives new insights into units." - Timothy Dorville

"A must have, absolutely awesome work." - Louise Terblanche

"Apart from saying the usual, you should buy it cos it's awesome, I find when I'm looking at putting time into making a character or a squad there are so many choices as to weapon load out etc. With this guide it lets you know what is best for each option and takes all that fuss out of pouring over a codex thinking if "I put this with that?" If your a space wolves player just get it cos it makes things a lot easier in deciding which way you want to go with your army from the endless options." - Ian Blythe

"Absolutely loving the Hand Book, giving me some real food for thought." - Steve Holgate

"I thought the handbook was pretty useful. As being new to the tabletop version of Warhammer and playing with friends who had a lot of experience it got me pretty caught up on how to run my wolves." - Tyler Miller

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and would like to thank everyone who has emailed me with their thanks and feedback - Adam

Deathwatch Kill Team Tactics

As you'd no doubt like to field a Deathwatch Kill Team in your Space Wolves army, here are my tactics on how best to use Ortan Cassius, Jensus Natorian, Edryk Satorax, Antor Delassio, Garran Branatar, Jetek Suberei, Squad Donatus and the Kill Team Cassius Formation.

The Deathwatch Kill Team is a new Imperial faction in Warhammer 40,000, which means they are Battle Brothers with all Imperial Forces, but most importantly, other Space Marine armies.

Intended to be taken as Allies, the Deathwatch Kill Team faction consists of 2 HQ choices, 3 Elite choices, 1 Fast Attack choice and 1 Troop choice, as well as 1 Formation which includes all of these units.

While the Deathwatch draw its members from numerous Space Marine Chapters, this does not grant its members those Chapter Tactics.

Although if you're playing a friendly game and Drenn Redblade is within 6" of a Wulfen pack, it seems perfectly reasonable that he should be affected by the Curse of the Wulfen. But always check with your opponent first.

HQ: Ortan Cassius

A Space Marine Chaplain with Special Ammunition for 5pts more than the equivalent from the Space Marine Codex.

He is also an Indepedent Character.

HQ: Jensus Natorian

A Level 2 Space Marine Librarian restricted by Biomancy Powers, with Special Ammunition for 5pts more than the equivalent from the Space Marine Codex.

He is also an Indepedent Character.

Elite: Garran Branatar

A Space Marine Terminator Sergeant with a Heavy Flamer, Master Crafted Melta Gun, Master Crafted Power Fist, Fearless and the Flamecraft special rule.

This gives him 4+ Feel No Pain against Flamer weapons. Meawhile, he re-rolls to Wound and re-rolls failed Armour Penetration rolls with his Heavy Flamer.

But basically, we're looking at a Terminator Sergeant with the equivalent of a twin-linked Heavy Flamer and a Melta Gun for 15pts more than the equivalent from the Space Marine Codex.

By running him solo, you get a nice melta-cide or flamer-cide unit (aka: Deepstrike in, kill stuff and try not to die!). Especially when that Melta Gun is Master Crafted for a re-roll to hit!

Fast Attack: Jetek Suberei

A Space Marine Biker Sergeant with a Power Sword, Special Issue Ammunition, Hit & Run, Split Fire, Born in the Saddle and a Teleport Homer for 19pts more than a regular Biker Sergeant.

That's not bad value for points you know! Especiallly when his Bike has a Twin-Linked Bolter.

By running him solo, you get a nice harassment unit which can be used to accurately Deepstrike other units on to the table.

Garran Branatar seems like an obvious unit to Deepstrike in.

Elite: Edryk Satorax

A Space Marine Sergeant with a Jump Pack, a pair of Lightning Claws, Stealth, Shrouded on Turn 1, he can use his Jump Pack in both the movement and the assault phase. He also has the Heroic Intervention rule, allowing him to re-roll 1 or both dice when charging, ignore penalties for disordered charges and always passes the Initiative test to make a Glorious Intervention.

Not bad for 35pts!

I'd definitely take him for hiding in terrain near an important area of the board, before leaping out and into close combat.

The only risk is that he'll get killed in close combat against a much larger squad. Thankfully, he's a Character so he can issue Challenges.

Elite: Antor Delassio

A Space Marine Sergeant with a Jump Pack, Hand Flamer, Chainsword and Furious Charge.

He also has the Heroic Intervention rule, allowing him to re-roll 1 or both dice when charging, ignore penalties for disordered charges and always passes the Initiative test to make a Glorious Intervention.

He's not a patch on Edryk Satorax for the same points cost.

I would not take him.

Troop: Squad Donatus

Aside from being led by a dress wearing Dark Angel *hock, spit*, Squad Donatus is an awesome little unit thanks to their Special Ammunition and the formidable Frag Cannon. Not forgetting the Combi-Melta, a Plasma Pistol and Power Sword as well.

To see if they offer good value for points, I worked out that each Deathwatch Marine is 18pts, +5 for Special Ammunition, +15 for a Plasma Pistol, +15 for a Power Sword, +10 for a Combi-Melta and +20 for a Frag Cannon. That comes to 175pts.

Let's not get bogged down in the detail of each individual Space Marine.

Let's focus on what the unit does together as a whole, which is to shoot things with Special Ammunition and the Frag Cannon, then hit things in close combat.

Dragonfire bolt: 24" S5 AP5 Rapid Fire, Ignores Cover
Hellfire round: 24" S1 AP5 Rapid Fire, Poisoned (2+)
Kraken bolt: 30" S4 AP4 Rapid Fire
Vengeance round: 18" S4 AP3 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot

A Special Ammunition for every occassion!

But like all Space Marines, they need to be Rapid Firing to be of the most value.

And as all of them have Space Marine Sergeant stats, they get a decent number of basic attacks too. I just wish one of them could have had a Power Fist.

I would put them in an allied Drop Pod (from my Space Wolves army) and use them like an alternative Grey Hunters/Wolf Guard pack.

Formation: Kill Team Cassius

The whole Kill Team, in one big squad that cannot split apart. The Independent Characters become part of the squad too and lose their Independent Character status.

In return they can all re-roll to wound or armour penetration rolls of a 1.

The big issue is that Edryk Satorax can't be sneaky, Antor Delassio is a waste of 35pts, Garran Branatar can't Deepstrike and Jetek Suberei can't zoom around with his teleport homer. They also cannot ride in an Allied transport due to the size of the squad (and a bike).

Personally, if I were to run the whole Kill Team (minus Antor Delassio), it would not be in this formation.


The Deathwatch have some very interesting options, but competitive players will only want to take a handful of them as an Allied detachment.

Jensus Natorian, Garran Branatar, Jetek Suberei and Squad Donatus are clearly the best units here and offer the best value for their points.

Jetek Suberei requires some micro management and may not be that essential.

That leaves:

Jensus Natorian
Squad Donatus
Garran Branatar
Space Wolves Drop Pod

Which comes to 300pts.

And that's not bad at all!

Best of the Blogroll

12:47:00 PM by Adam Smith · 9 comments
While I'm busy working on a new Space Wolves website, I felt that now would be a good time to tell you about some of the brilliant blogs on the blogroll.

I've noticed that the blogosphere has been dwindling of late, but there are new and exciting blogs appearing all the time - and they need your support to keep their creators inspired and blogging!

The Convertorum

The Convertorum, ruled over by the twisted entity named Johan is a blog about the conversion and painting of tiny plastic miniatures.

The Convertorum is also a celebration of the the gothic, twisted and sometimes downright weird Warhammer universes and the fantastic art that has helped defined them.

Johan cobbles together incredible miniatures from a monstrous amalgamation of bits.

His macabre and characterful creations are simply stunning and exquisitely painted as well.

Battle Bunnies

For all your regular Forge World news and Forge World event coverage, Battle Bunnies is the blog you simply must visit.

I have no idea who runs it, but they also make all kinds of Horus Heresy conversions and miniatures.

Mostly, I follow it to keep up to date with all the Forge World stuff.

The site owner(s) attend all of the Forge World events and take lots of photos.

So I go here to get the latest info and all the best pictures of the new releases.

Castigator's Chaos

What's this? Someone playing a Chaos Space Marines army competitively!

Castigator's Chaos is a blog about a Slaaneshi army and its constant evolution while on the tournament circuit. It contains conversions and painting some commentary, but mostly battle reports as part of an ongoing campaign.

I played Castigator (aka: Gary) once upon a time, many years ago and got absolutely destroyed by his Sisters of Battle.

Gary was an absolute pleasure to play against and won my vote for best sportsman.

Creative Twilight

Much like Warpstone Flux, Thor's Creative Twilight is a neat blog which sometimes has some really good stuff.

But generally you'll find a mish mash of quality battle reports, musings and the occasional conversion.

Anyone else noticing a high volume of Chaos blogs in my blogroll?

Chaos Space Marines are a tough army to play these days.

But it seems that many people really love Chaos and are determined to do their best with them.

Terminus Est

A blog about competitive Warhammer 40K by the Black Blowfly (aka: Steve).

Because I have a responsibility to the online Space Wolves community to keep up with the Meta and ensure that my army lists are competitive, I try to follow as many of the competitive blogs as I can.

Steve does a great job commenting on the latest happenings on the global tournament circuit and writes some distinctly cheesy lists of his own.

His blog is definitely worth following if you're into competitive play - especially if you're the kind of guy who builds armies purely for short term competitive play.

"Let me know if any great 40K blogs I should be reading that aren't on my blogroll.
There are so many out there, sometimes the good ones get overlooked." - Adam

Krom Dragongaze Tactics

Since Krom Dragongaze appeared in the Curse of the Wulfen campaign book, we've received a lot of questions about him. So here's our Krom Dragongaze tactics to help you get the most out of this stubborn and ferocious Wolf Lord.

The Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze is a roaring tyrant who smashes those who cross him into the dirt.

Blunt, stubborn and brutal, his beligirent tactics earned him the scorn of Great Wolf Logan Grimnar for his Great Company's hunting aggression and glory seeking.

His reputation of 'fierce-eye' is justly deserved however, for the intensity of his stare is unnerving and with a single glare, he discerns the weaknesses of the enemy and misgivings of allies alike. It is then that Krom begins his gory work.

But in game terms, Krom Dragongaze is an alternative Wolf Lord choice that comes with Furious Charge, Stubborn and the Saga of the Warrior Born Warlord Trait, as well as a Master-Crafted Frost Axe and some additional special rules.

Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Belt of Russ, Wyrmclaw (a Master Crafted Frost Axe).

Skills: Furious Charge, Stubborn.

Warlord Trait: Saga of the Warrior Born

Duty or Death

Krom may re-roll all failed saving throws when within 3" of an Objective Marker.

The Fierce Eye
Krom may re-roll all failed To Wound rolls in close combat.

If Krom Dragongaze is taken as part of a Drakeslayers Legendary Greatpack core detachment, he grants all Space Wolves in this core detachment the Furious Charge special rule while he remains on the board.

He also gains the Monster Hunter, Preferred Enemy (Characters), Furious Determination and Glory Seekers special rules if taken as part of a Drakeslayers Legendary Greatpack core detachment.

If Krom Dragongaze is stood defiantly upon an Objective Marker and able to re-roll his 3+ or 4+ Invulnerable saves, he is a difficult target to remove with shooting or close combat attacks.

Combine this with his ability to re-roll to wound in close combat with his Strength 6, AP2, Master-Crafted Frost Axe "Wyrmclaw" and he is someone you would really rather not be facing in close combat. And you can be that Krom will be issuing challenges to keep the close combat in his favour. Don't forget that he has Saga of the Warrior Born, so the kill tally will rise steadily once he gets Wyrmclaw into the 'swing' of things!

Although the chief face-beaters of Warhammer 40K, such as Kharn the Betrayer and Abaddon will still make short work of him.

This makes him a good Wolf Lord, but not a GREAT Wolf Lord. To make him really shine (and confidently issue Challenges), you should take him as part of a Drakeslayers Legendary Greatpack core detachment.

This gives him Monster Hunter, Preferred Enemy (Characters), Furious Determination and Glory Seekers special rules.

Now, the only challenge is getting him on an objective in your enemy's deployment zone and into close combat so he can begin his gory work.

First you will want to place your objectives where you think you will want Krom to play his part in the battle ahead.

Then you will want to place Krom in a Drop Pod to make sure he gets there quickly and unscathed. Using him to hold one of your own objectives would be a fat waste of 150pts!

Now, give him a pack of 9 Blood Claws led by a Wolf Guard Pack Leader to provide ablative wounds and some additional close combat clout. I would suggest Wolf Guard Terminators, but 4 models isn't enough to keep him alive.

Your opponent will be trying to take out Krom quickly because he's your Warlord and he's tough to kill if he gets into close combat near an objective.

Then you need to decide if he does down in your first wave of Drop Pods or goes into Deepstrike Reserve. Probably the latter to reinforce your attack.

As you can see, where Krom is going to pursue an objective will be an important part of your overall strategy!

I like Krom Dragongaze's personality and character, but in gaming terms he's very tricky to use, is quite expensive for what he does (needs approx 200pts of Blood Claws and a Drop Pod to back him up) and requires some serious micro management.

You're looking at a 350pts investment.

There are safer, more reliable options available. However, if your army list is light on troops and you need to swarm the board with bodies somewhere, then Krom leading a large pack of Blood Claws, Counter-Charging into the enemy on a key objective could be an awesome addition.

He's a stunning miniature and you're likely to have some Blood Claws and a Drop Pod in your collection.

So why not give him a try?

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We aim to provide you with all the painting guides, modelling tutorials and game winning tactics you need to get the most from playing your Space Wolf army!

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