Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are You Ready for The Great Hunt in March?

These guys are ready for The Great Hunt!

This week I mentioned on the Space Wolves Facebook Group that I was busy working on The Space Wolves Players Handbook - Basically, a big PDF which gives you all the best builds for the Space Wolves units, detachments and formations with general tactics and sample army lists. But in a friendly 'handbook' format for easy reading.

I also asked people to post pictures of the forces they've mustered so far for The Great Hunt which is happening in March.

So if you've got a Space Wolves army, or you're thinking of building one, make sure you join the Facebook group and start getting your forces ready to take up arms in the name of Russ and the All Father in March. It's going to be a global campaign to remember!

In the meantime, here are the best photos that have been sent in:

Andy Charlton

Chris Grimm Wildman

Chris Yeti Riley

Ernie Barajas

Gerardo González Vázquez

Irvine Buchan

Linus Krantz

Maciek Kiliszek

Marco Logan Bolzoni

Matt Vignau

Ryvre Stone

Sake Eijsenga

With over 8,000 Facebook followers, I have a feeling that The Great Hunt is going to be pretty spectacular, don't you?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Muster Your Forces! The Great Hunt Approaches

Wolf brothers, first I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I also have a few announcements to make for the year ahead that will make every Space Wolves player raise his tankard and cheer!

By the time you read this I'll be on holiday in Las Vegas for Christmas! Moving house has taken far longer than expected. The builders were a bunch of monkeys and the house missed its completion date by 2 months. But thankfully we're in. The only issue is that (because of the builders) we won't have any television or internet access until February.

And that means that the Space Wolves blog is going to go quiet for a little while - and then Counter-Charge with a glorious global campaign!

So while my internet is down, I will be busy mustering my forces. And I suggest that you do the same, because something very special is coming...

The Great Hunt: March 2015

"Bjorn gathered all his warriors together in the Hall of the Fang, and announced the first Great Hunt. Russ’ people would seek out their master if it took the rest of time to do it. So did the twelve Great Companies take to their ships and sail forth in separate directions across the Sea of Stars."

The tale of their deeds is too long to recount in full save on Allwinter’s Eve, when the Rune Priests gather to chant the sagas. They sought Russ on many worlds and in many places. They fought intense battles against aliens and overcame voidspawn and raging Daemon alike.

Since that day there have been many other Great Hunts – on occasion, Russ has appeared to a Great Wolf or Rune Priest in a vision and told him it is time. These are periods of daring deeds and high adventure, when the Chapter takes to the Sea of Stars to seek their lost leader."

A few weeks ago I asked on the Space Wolves facebook group

"If I organised a Great Hunt global campaign in the New Year, who here would take up arms in the name of Russ and the All Father?"

The response was quite spectacular!

And so, like Bjorn, I decided to announce our first Great Hunt.

So begin building and painting your forces in anticipation Wolf Lords, because we launch into the sea of stars in March 2015.

You will need 1,500 to 2,000 points.

The Wolfking: Leman Russ

The real reason for the Great Hunt is the rumour that this will be the year that the Forge World miniature of Leman Russ will finally be with us. And rather than wait countless years for his return, I felt it would be more fitting if Russ’ people would seek out their master.

And so I will be offering the Forge World miniature of Leman Russ to the person declared "Champion" of the Great Hunt.

More details about this in March...

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for your continued support. You guys are amazing. I cannot imagine players of any other army to be so passionate and encouraging with such a strong sense of comradery. It's an honour to have this little blog and write cool stuff for all of you.

God bless, have a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and we'll all get together to kick some xenos arse in March!

- Adam

Monday, December 22, 2014

Unbound Space Wolf Dreadnought Army List

Joshua Jenkins talks us through his Unbound Space Wolf Dreadnought Army List and how its done him proud in countless games.

With the new codex release, I decided I wanted to build an army around the wealth of new armoured options we received. A quick look over my available models revealed that I had somehow ended up with nine dreadnoughts over the years, so the light bulb went off. I hadn't built an unbound list and I had a 1500 point tournament coming up, so I brought the walkers thinking it would be fun but not terribly effective.

The ability to negate so much of an enemy's armoury by relying exclusively on the Space Wolves' extensive armoured options bore a lot of fruit as I ripped apart Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Necron lists without breaking a sweat. By the end of the tournament, I had reconsidered much of what 6th had beaten into our collective heads regarding dreadnoughts. While they don't have the survivability of a Wraithknight, fielding them in great numbers can really panic an enemy. Let's see some different builds I've been using.

1500 Points

Bjorn the Fell-Handed (w/ Helfrost Cannon)

Iron Priest
3 Servitors (w/ servo arms)

Murderfang (w/ Drop Pod)

Venerable Dreadnought (w/ Blizzard Shield, Fenrisian Great Axe, Drop Pod)

Venerable Dreadnought (w/ Multi-melta, Power Fist w/ Storm Bolter, Drop Pod)

Venerable Dreadnought (w/ 2 Twin-linked Autocannons)

Stormfang Gunship (w/ Helfrost Destructor, Twin-linked Lascannon, 2 Twin-linked Multi-meltas)

Spartan Assault Tank (w/ 4 Twin-linked Lascannons, Heavy Bolter, Armoured Ceramite)

1750 Points

Add in:

Venerable Dreadnought (w/ Assault Cannon, Power Fist w/ Storm Bolter)
Venerable Dreadnought (w/ Plasma Cannon, Powerfist w/ Storm Bolter)

2000 Points

Add in:

Stormfang Gunship (w/ Helfrost Destructor, Twin-linked Lascannon, 2 Twin-linked Multi-meltas)

How to Run an Unbound Space Wolf Dreadnought Army

Space Wolves lists are usually filled to the brim with Thunderwolves and Grey Hunters, so I liked the idea that I would throw down walker after walker and watch my opponent sweat as they realized just how many of their own units had weapons that would be useless against the armoured assault to come. It's all about denying the opponent the ability to make use of some of their purchases, effectively rendering some of their points absolutely useless in the game to come. If you're facing a horde army or anyone that favors lots of infantry, this is an ideal counter.

Bjorn and the Rifleman should hold your rear line, benefitting from Bjorn's formation from Champions of Fenris which extends his 5++ to two other venerable dreadnoughts. With BS 6 on Bjorn and 5 on the Rifleman dread, you're going to reliably hit. Bjorn should be targeting those units with multiple wound models or monstrous creatures to make use of the Helfrost rule. Nothing ruins an Iron Hands chapter master's day like getting removed after one round of shooting because they failed one strength test. Jaws of the World Wolf never really left us folks, it just comes in a big gun now.

The Spartan has the Iron Priest with three servitors loaded in, so not only do you have a pig with 4 Lascannon shots, 5 HP and immunity to melta, but you're restoring a hull point on a 2+ each shooting phase. The Spartan is there for you to dictate the flow of the battlefield. Since it is highly unlikely that any force is going to be able to bring down the Spartan in a single turn (much less the whole game, I've never ended a game with less than 4 hull points), you can move it where you like, pressuring enemy armor, MCs or devastator/centurion squads without much fear. The ideal situation sees your enemy wasting shots on the Spartan while your dreadnoughts get into position.

The Dreadnoughts themselves, depending on the points allowed in the game, are designed to fulfill specific purposes. The multi-melta dread should drop turn one and engage any enemy armour (the drop n' pop), while the second drop pod should get Murderfang on the field and in cover so he can get to doing what he does best turn two. Draw fire with the Spartan and your long range dreadnoughts. Turn two (turn three at the latest) should see the flyers come in and then you can really bring the pain. The Helfrost Destructor is an ideal mob killer, so use your power of the Machine Spirit to engage enemy armour and MCs with the lascannon and multi-meltas while the Helfrost brings the pain.

Inspired in part by “The Battle of the Fang”, I've been having a blast with this dreadnought list, even going toe to toe (and drawing) with a shooty Tau army. Regardless of how effective it is, I've found it to be a refreshing change of pace from more standard Space Wolf builds and it's made for some interesting power shifts in my local meta as other players struggle to deal with the overwhelming armour. If you've got the walkers, give it a spin.

Submitted by Joshua Jenkins

Monday, December 15, 2014

Space Wolves Kick Arse at Warhammer World

Sott Hays met up as part of several gaming groups from the North East of England who all got together to visit Warhammer World for a week end of beer, food, banter and 40k. He played in 4 games over the week end. Here's how it went.

Game 1 (1500 points) - SW Vs CSM + traitor guard (James) - A hard fought game that was made harder by my reserves not arriving until turn 4. To say that this made things interesting would be an understatement. The power armored wolf guard had chronic wolf rolling get hot rolls even with twin linked during turn 1. 4 of them managed to kill themselves. MVP was the humble grey hunter who tore through the chaos cultists. Game ended with very few models on the board for both sides.

Game 2 (1000 points + 1000 points doubles) - SW + Dark Eldar/Eldar (Scott + Harry) vs SM + Necrons (Matt + Adam) - The Space wolves dominated this game and almost wiped out the space marine fraction turn 1. The Dark Eldar/Eldar allies learnt the effect that scarabs have upon vehicles - this left there troop choices horribly out of position and left most of the hard work to the wolves who after finishing off the Space marine fraction set about wiping out the Necron fraction. Game ended with a wipe out.

Game 3 (2000 points) - SW Vs Eldar (Aiden) - Probably the toughest game of the week end. My opponent deployed in a manner to try and entice the wolves to drop in overly aggressively and risk being wiped out. The plan was fooled and the Wolves arrived in a defensive manner and the Thunderstrike formation proceeded to wipe out a key unit turn one whilst limiting the damage that they would take Turn 2. The game was over when the Storm Wing formation arrived and took out the Wraithknight and Wraith lords. MVP - Inquisitors running incinerators - my opponent deployed in tight formation in a forest - the incinerator and flamer/combi flamer in each grey hunter squad inflicted huge casualties. Game ended with a wipe out.

Game 4 (3000 points) - SW vs Dark Eldar/Eldar (Harry) - Fresh from me giving him grief from the doubles match for getting his wave serpents eaten Harry was after revenge. The Turn 1 and Turn 3 were hugely decisive for the Wolves. The alpha strike decimated the Dark Eldar/Eldar left flank forcing Harry to move his highly mobile army to the right flank. The wolves proceeded to move from left to right and tear the Eldar Wraith guard into bits in assault. The heavy conceptration of template weapons in teh grey hunter squads caused hideous damage to the open topped Dark eldar transports and the squads within.

Scott had a real blast and proved that the Space Wolves are still a force to be reckoned with!

How have your games been going lately?

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