Monday, March 2, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 5 of Lots

This week I have been mostly making Space Wolves Terminators with Storm Shields.

Arjac Rockfist... His arms crumbled in my hands. It was bad. Another example of Games Workshop 'Failcast'.

But thankfully his body was okay and the head of his Hammer was fine too.

Some replacement plastic arms, a shield, swap the head of the hammer over and I actually like this model far better.

I had to order some extra arms and shields, because there aren't quite enough in the Space Wolves Terminators box. I also wanted the shields to match.

The two Lone Wolves were really easy and good fun to build.

The Wolf Guard Pack Leader with the Storm Shield and Combi-Melta was a little more tricky, but here's the Combi-Melta Conversion Guide if you need to make one yourself.

I had an absolute blast making my Wolf Lord.

I'd decided early on that I wanted a Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour with a Chainfist and a Storm Shield, but I needed to find parts that would make him truly unique.

The left arm (with 'Stealer Spine) is from a Space Hulk Terminator, with the Chainfist carefully cut from a Space Wolves Chainfist, before the Space Hulk Power Fist was trimmed until it fit nicely.

The head is from the Marauder Horsemen box.

The huge Storm Shield is from the Stormfang kit. I got a Space Marine Vanguard Storm Shield and cut the hand out with a thin square of plastic behind it. I super glued this into the back of the Stormfang Storm Shield with some Green Stuff to fill the gap.

The wolf cloak is the one from the Space Wolves Terminator box, but trimmed back with clippers to actually fit. I'll come back and sculpt some fur on it along with the trimmed areas on the Stormfang Storm Shield.

I used the right arm Space Wolf Terminator arm that goes across the body (and usually holds a huge Frost Axe) and stuck the Vanguard Storm Shield to it. Yes, this is glue on upside down. But it's okay, because no one can actually see the detail!

Last, but not least, all of these models are stuck on Anvil Industry's fantastic City Rubble 40mm bases. They look terrible in these photos, but trust me, they're awesome once they're painted.

Please note that both unlike Wolf Guard and Lone Wolves, Wolf Lords and Wolf Guard Battle Leaders can replace any Terminator Weapon with a Storm Shield at +15/+25pts. It clearly says so at the bottom of their Codex entry.

Next up... more Grey Hunters.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Got Terminator Armour? Take a Free Storm Shield

Storm Shields for everybody!

One of the great things about the current Space Wolves Codex is that any model in Terminator Armour (with access to Terminator Weapons) can take a Storm Shield for free - provided they lose whatever's held in the left hand, which is usually a Power Weapon.

Thankfully you can still purchase a Wolf Claw, Thunder Hammer, Power Axe or Frost Axe for the right hand. Or stick with a ranged weapon. More on that in a sec..

Storm Shields - take them, because they're free!

Let's make one thing clear. 5++ invulnerable save or 3++ invulnerable save? It's a no brainer. Especially when in the previous edition, we had to pay through the nose for Storm Shields. Now they cost us nothing. So make sure you always take one for a Terminator model. It makes them amazing value for points.

Storm Shields and Ranged Weapons

Now this is where things become interesting. Because it's common for people to think that Terminators should have a Power Weapon of some kind.

Instead, think about a squad as a whole.

Wolf Guard Terminators Pack:
Wolf Guard Terminator with Heavy Flamer and Storm Shield
Wolf Guard Terminator with Combi-Melta and Storm Shield
Wolf Guard Terminator with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Wolf Guard Terminator with Wolf Claw and Storm Shield
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader with Wolf Claw and Storm Shield

3 of the Terminators have the typical kind of load out for close combat that you would expect to see.
However, the Heavy Flamer Terminator has swapped his Power Weapon for a FREE Storm Shield.


Because he's going to be at the front, incinerating swathes of the enemy with his Heavy Flamer and most likely becoming one of the first casualties.

The same goes for the Terminator with Combi-Melta and Storm Shield. He's going to get one shot off, then take a load of hits from shooting before finally losing a Wound.

Imagine if neither of these models had Storm Shields, but kept their Power Weapons instead.

Neither of them would ever see close combat, due to being killed by all the shooting attacks. But it's likely that without their 3++ invulnerable save from the Storm Shields that another member of the pack would likely take a Wound as well.


Please note that this Wolf Guard Terminator pack is for example purposes only. I personally, would not take 1 Wolf Guard Terminator with Combi-Melta and Storm Shield. I'd take 2 in a pack and lose the Heavy Flamer if I was trying to 'pop' a tank on the term my pack arrives.

Fielding an expensive model with a one-shot-wonder-gun that may not even hit isn't a good investment for your points.

But once you start to have a few combi-weapons, it's not so bad.

I've seen one guy field a pack of 5 Wolf Guard Terminators all armed with combi-weapons and Storm Shields. While it hits hard when it Deepstrikes and it's very survivable, often causing a nuisance by tying up an enemy unit for the rest of the game, I do feel that there should be at least one Thunder Hammer in there to smash things.

So there you have it.

FREE Storm Shields - why aren't you taking them when they give you a 3++ invulnerable save for free?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Space Wolves Project: Part 4 of Lots

This weekend I have been mostly building and magnetising my Venerable Dreadonught who I like to call "Bonesy".

So behold "Bonesy" in all his glory. Shield raised, axe about to swing and pinned to another of Anvil Industry's fantastic City Rubble bases.

Basically I copied Arjac Rockfists' pose for my Dreadnought. It just seemed to make sense. Although magnetising him at the waist was far more tricky than expected due to the angle I wanted the torso to come down at.

Why magnetise him?

Because I've had some magnets lying around for a few years now and wanted to put my collection of new drill bits to good use!

Although, appealing though a cordless electric drill is, you should really stick to the little modelling hand drill for safety.

I've also been goofing around with a spare Drop Pod that someone gave me before batch-building the 7 Drop Pods that I need for my army.

The previous owner had built their drop pod in sections for painting, which could later be slotted and glued together.

They had also made a start magnetising the doors, which was something I was keep to have a go at as well. After all, there's nothing as annoying as a Drop Pod that simply won't close for storage.

I had contemplated gluing all of my Drop Pods shut, but having seen the amount of issues this seems to raise in tournament play, I felt it better to make them all open.

Either the Drop Pods were declared to totally block line of sight (which is preferable) or that they did not block line of sight at all as they should be open (definitely not preferable).

Also that if the Drop Pods are sealed shut, then the Storm Bolters inside cannot fire.

That would mean I'd miss out on 17 shots per turn - and in my eyes every single shot counts.

Anyway, stay tuned for more Space Wolves Project updates as a begin batch building 7 Drop Pods, loads more Grey Hunters, awesome Characters and finally, some Forge World converted Wolf Guard.

Then I'll be breaking out The Army Painter to get it all done at record speed!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Tale of Two Army Lists

Following on from last week's rant about what makes the Space Wolves special - Beyond the really obvious things like Thunderwolf Cavalry - I've spent considerable time carefully crafting an army list, created from the little hidden gems in the Codex. Not that there really are (m)any at all.

But then, I was chatting about army lists with Jordan Powell who sent me the simplest, cheesiest little Space Wolves army I've ever seen.

And I kicked myself for not seeing what was right there under my nose.

I'd spent so long trying to SQUEEEEZE every drop of goodness from every unit that I didn't simply pick the best of the new stuff to make an army.

After all, it's easy to look at Tau or Nurgle Chaos and throw together a list from all the cool new stuff that works.

Tau: Farsight enclaves, Crisis suits with missiles, Crisis suits with fusion blasters, Commander with markerlight drone swarm, Riptide, Hammerhead, Skyray, another Riptide.

Nurgle Chaos: Chaos Marine Lord on bike, leading Spawn, Plague Marines in Rhino, Cultists in Bastion, Heldrake, Heldrake, Heldrake, Plague Drones, Plague Drones, Plaguebearers, Herald.

You get the idea.

So here is a tale of two army lists.

And yes, I will build both in time.

List 1: Old Busted

Ulrik the Slayer, he's my hero.

Drop Pods ensure I can get across the board and in the enemy's face from Turn 1.

More Drop Pods help me to plug the gaps in my battle line and claim objectives.

"Objective Secured" and a load of Grey Hunters in Drop Pods, backed up by Combi-Weapon waving Wolfguard and a Berseker Dreadnought in Drop Pods too.

"Claim the objectives and hang on to them for dear life." That's my plan.

It's strange for me to focus on playing to win the objectives, rather than go on a blood thirsty rampage, but maybe those years of playing Tau (when they were crap) and Eldar (when there were okay) have rubbed off on me?

1500pts Core Force

Ulrik the Slayer

"Bonesy" the Berserker Dreadnought: venerable, blizzard shield & great axe
Drop Pod

6 Wolf Guard: 6 combi-plasma
Drop Pod

6 Wolf Guard: 6 combi-melta
Drop Pod

6 Grey Hunters: extra close combat weapons, melta gun, wolf standard
+Wolf Guard Pack Leader: terminator armour, combi-melta, storm shield
Drop Pod: homing beacon

10 Grey Hunters: extra close combat weapons, 2 melta guns
Drop Pod

10 Grey Hunters: extra close combat weapons, 2 melta guns
Drop Pod

5 Grey Hunters: melta gun
Drop Pod


Without a doubt, there are some lists that this will struggle against.

There's no anti-air for starters.

And there's nothing that can easily take on an Imperial Knight.

Although if I mass most of my Melta guns, I should be fine, combined with a noble sacrifice from "Bonesy" the Berserker Dreadnought.

However, it's not outside the realms of probability for him to survive a round of combat with one and knock off a few hull points in the process!

Typically, the 3 large packs of Grey Hunters, led by Ulrik and "Bonesy" will arrive via Drop Pod Assault on Turn 1 and establish a foothold.

The Wolf Guard will arrive from reserve from Turn 2 onwards to reinforce the foothold. Or to go after key targets.

It's likely that the 5 Grey Hunters will get dropped on an Objective.

But, because I'm using a Standard Detachment, all my Troops choices and their Transports have the "Objective Secured" special rule.

This army is all about seizing the objectives and hanging on to them to score as many points as possible.

Taking it up to 1850pts

Arjac Rockfist
+2 Wolf Guard to each Wolf Guard pack

Wolfguard Battle Leader: terminator armour, chainfist, storm shield


I decided to pimp out the Wolf Guard. After all, they're not bad even after they've fired their combi-weapons, leaving them with Bolters and 2 Attacks each. This effectively makes them Grey Hunters.

Getting Arjac Rockfist into the army is an absolute must. He's great value for points, incredibly tough and hard hitting. Don't forget that he can throw his hammer too!

Then, I needed someone equally as hard-as-nails to lead the other Wolf Guard pack. I found the perfect use for my now defunct Lone Wolf conversion, because a Wolf Guard Battle Leader (or Wolf Lord) can still take a Chainfist and Storm Shield combo, while a Lone Wolf cannot.

Taking it up to 2000pts

Lone Wolf: terminator armour, wolf claw, storm shield, melta bombs

Lone Wolf: terminator armour, thunder hammer, storm shield, melta bombs


With only 150pts left to spend, not much was really going to cut the mustard. Certainly not a handful of more Grey Hunters in a Drop Pod.

I had considered Skyclaws harrassing enemy troops with 2 Flamers, but felt I should stick to the 'on foot' asthetic of the army list.

Lone Wolves are still good fun and hard to kill. I feel that these two are the best weapon combinations as well.

So there you have a 2,000pts army.

List 2: New Hotness

Here's the list that Jordan sent me.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Harald Deathwolf, although it's recommended that you take him in a Thunderwolves list because he makes them Stubborn with his Leadership of 10.

This should guarantee that they don't run away. Because if they do, the game could be over.

I've also criticised the Stormfang vs the Stormwolf in the past. But in its role of 'gunship" loaded out with lascannons, multi-meltas and a helfrost lance, it's not bad at taking out heavily armoured tanks, monstrous creatures, knights and of course, other flyers.

A second Iron Priest with a Servitor ride inside to fix hull points and weapons on a 4+.

1500pts Core Force

Harald Deathwolf

Berserker Dreadnought: venerable, blizzard shield & great axe
Drop Pod

Berserker Dreadnought: venerable, blizzard shield & great axe
Drop Pod

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry: 3 storm shields, 1 power fist, 1 wolf claw, 1 thunder hammer

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry: 3 storm shields, 1 power fist, 1 wolf claw, 1 thunder hammer

Iron Priest: Thunderwolf mount, 3 cyberwolves

Iron Priest: 1 Servitor

Stormfang: Lascannon, multi-meltas


Obviously, this force uses the Company of the Great Wolf detachment from the Champions of Fenris supplement.

This gives all of the Thunderwolf Cavalry +1WS. Although every Character in this force MUST always accept and issue Challenges. But they do get Preferred Enemy in Challenges, which is nice too.

The idea behind this army is to use your Dreadnoughts as the Anvil and your Thunderwolves as the Hammer.

Trap the enemy between the two. Charge in and carnage ensues.

Stormfang flies about zapping things.

I really like this kind of army, because each unit is tough, hard hitting and very mobile.

Although I do wonder if it drown in the sheer weight of numbers from a numerous Imperial Guard, Tau or Ork force?

Expanding the Force

Because this army is made up of the most cost effective units that are pretty much capable of looking after themselves, adding on additional units is just so easy.

You can either add on more of the same units, lose 20pts from somewhere and add an Imperial Knight to take it up to 1850pts, or include some units from the Drop Pod army list above.

Arjac Rockfist leading combi-plasma waving Wolf Guard in a Drop Pod perhaps?

Wolf Guard bikers maybe?


I'm really interested to start playing games with my objective grabbing drop pod force and see whether playing the mission can overcome the usual smashing face stategy.

Either way, I have a lot of Space Wolves to build and paint...

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